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Conversation with Edison

With the June school holidays on now, Little Edison and I are having a good time. No hurrying in the mornings, no sticking to schedules and we just do what we want to at our own sweet time.

We planned for a few places to visit this month – The Polliwogs (his top favourite!), The Zoo, Underwater World, Siloso beach and to check out a new place called Sol Playground Café. We’re also planning to watch the Dora live musical show. Our boy is a big fan of Dora and Boots.

The Hubby and I will take some time-off from work this month to bring him out on weekdays (lesser crowd). In this aspect, I’m really appreciative of the government for granting us with six days of childcare leave per calendar year. We can use them when the kids are unwell, attend to school matters or simply spending quality time with them. Amazing, isn’t it?

On the other hand, me-time is not easy to find this month. Without school, I won’t force him to go to bed by 9:30pm. He can relax, play, watch TV or read books with me until he is sleepy. But when I have some works or urgent e-mails to reply at night, I’ll ask him to play by himself or with his Dad. His reply will be like this, “Mama, you do your computer work first la.” He often refers my office work as “computer work” because when he sees me working, I’m actually with my laptop.

While I was driving home last night, I had a short conversation with him.

     Me: Edison, tell Mama do you want a didi or mei-mei?

     Edison: I want didi AND mei-mei.

     Me: (puzzled) No, boy. You can only choose one. Two is too difficult for me.

     Edison: I want didi AND mei-mei. (Again!)

     Me: Mama asks you one more time. Do you want didi or mei-mei? Choose ONE only.

     Edison: Ok, I want didi.

     Then he continues with his iPhone game. Happy.


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sidetrack a bit. i noticed that u r wearing tub in ur photos, how you ensure it wont slip down huh? mine always like will slip down so i v scared to wear out with kids.. they will pull..


Hi can I know where this Dora live show is happening? My dd loves Dora. If you don’t mind can u share the info pls.



Thanks a lot Emily for sharing the info.