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Product Review: Little Blue Lamb Children Shoes

Babies are easy during the first few months of their lives – I mean when it comes to the shoe department. Since they don’t walk until they’re almost one, they don’t need shoes to support their tiny feet. Socks are good enough to keep their feet warm and snug.

Once they decide it’s time for them to become mobile, we have to make a trip to the shoe store. While there are so many different styles of baby shoes to choose from, do you really know how to choose the right shoes for your baby?

I received an e-mail from Dear Baby, an online shop and local distributor for Little Blue Lamb infant and children leather shoes. I was given a special opportunity to select a few pairs of children shoes to review. That was so cool!

As an introduction, Little Blue Lamb is the ‘house brand’ of a major children shoe manufacturer based in Beijing. They are also the OEM producers for major brands such as Pediped and Jack & Lily.

Now, where should I start? All the Little Blue Lamb (LBL) shoes are completely drool-worthy! Some of them are cuter that the others. But I’ve to keep in mind that I’m not looking for cuteness but the RIGHT pair of shoes for Little Edison.

LBL Blue Justin Junior Shoes

I take a look at our shoe rack. I think I need a pair of blue leather shoes for our weekend outings. So, I choose the Blue Justin Junior Shoes. It’s casual enough for outings and cute enough for a party. Here, let’s take a closer look at this baby.

The shoes uppers are made with high quality calf leather while the inner soft lining is made with premium pigskin (similar to Pediped shoes). The cushioned insoles provide additional comfort for our active toddlers. What I love most about the shoes is that they are super lightweight.

LBL Orange Louis Junior Shoes

Next, I choose a pair of dark-colored leather shoes that are formal enough for classy restaurants and special occasions. This is the Orange Louis Junior Shoes. Stylish and comfort, all-in-one. Our boy looks so grown-up in these shoes; I really like the design. The shoes have Velcro fasteners that make them quick and easy to put on.

LBL Brown Bradley Junior Shoes

Coming up, I get him another pair of junior shoes that are great for all occasions, from a walk in the park, to school and to shopping malls. It’s the Brown Bradley Junior Shoes. The shoes have spacious toe box that gives a better fit according to his feet length and gives room for proper growth and development.

Why I like leather shoes?

Leather is durable and it provides a strong support for our children’s feet. It’s also known as a breathable material that allows the air to circulate around their feet so that they don’t sweat. As a matter of fact, leather shoes are lightweight, soft and slip on easily.

And why I like Little Blue Lamb (LBL) leather shoes?

I recommend LBL leather shoes for all children. They are designed to be very comfortable especially for young walkers and to help foot development! Above all that, they are extremely cute, durable, fashionable and reasonably-priced.

Little Edison is wearing LBL Blue Justin Junior Shoes in US size 9.

Now, let’s hop on to Dear Baby website to check out the different designs of LBL shoes. And the good news is that they’re having GSS sales with up to 30% off on selected designs. Awwww!

One more piece of good news – Dear Baby is offering additional discounts on LBL shoes for all of you. Awww! I heard you!

Get $2 OFF on purchase of one pair or $5 OFF on purchase of two pairs of more. This discount is ON TOP of any existing discounts on Dear Baby website where the shoes are going for 15-30% OFF for GSS.

Simply quote “LBLBB3107” when you purchase any LBL shoes from Dear Baby website. This offer is valid till 31 July 2011.

Happy shopping everyone!

P/S: More exciting news is coming up this week. Stay tuned!


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OH! Thanks for sharing this! One of my Bubs first shoes were from this brand, and I bought it off an outlet shop. It is of GREAT quality! Going to check out the site. Didn’t know there’s one!


i have 2 pairs of LBL for my kids last year before theyr closed down the shop at alexandra road. If compare to pediped, i find the cushioning is a bit not there yet.. pediped cushioning is better. but for the price it’s good enough.


Thanks for the ‘lobang’, Emily!