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Best Present Ever – A Motorized Bike!

The best present I ever bought for Little Edison is this.

Yup, you got it! It’s a children motorized bike.

We saw this bike at a toy sale at Millenia Walk. The price was slashed from $125.90 to $79.90. I told V that it’s a good buy and I must get it. And so we went home with that bike.

The hardworking Daddy spent an hour to assemble the bike, lubricate the wheels, clean the exterior of the car and charge the battery when Little Edison was asleep. The next morning when he wakes up, his eyes are beaming with excitement.

We brought the bike to our parents-in-law’s house. He spent the afternoon happily riding the bike around the neighbourhood.

No more tiresome walking. This bike is fast enough for his comfort and excitement level and it’s slow enough for my safety level.

Look at his grin!


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the bike looks super cool! how long does it take to charge ?

Which shop did u buy it from? So cute! Do you have a recommendation for a tricycle? Thanks!

What a fun toy! I would love this (even now!) hehe =) I see these type of toy vehicles being rented at some places and didn’t realise you can actually buy one!

I must say, $79.90 is an absolute steal!

I would get it except that I’m totally out of space to store it and I can just see him driving it around at home, mowing down everything in sight. Not sure if I’m mentally prepared for that…

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