Tanjong Beach, Sentosa

Children have always been intrigued by sand play. I have yet to meet one who doesn’t enjoy playing with sand.

When Little Edison was younger, he loves the tactile experience of sand. He likes the feeling of sand between his fingers and toes. He is amazed to see how sand can be dug into a hole, mounded up into a pile or poured out from a bucket.

When he is older now, the sand becomes a stage of imaginative play. He makes sand castles in different sizes and shapes. He decorates them with dried leaves, twigs, shells, small pebbles and whatever he can find on the beach.

I believe every young child has a natural love for sand play. It allows them to explore their creativity and imaginations.

We’re blessed to live in a country with beautiful and clean beaches. Over the weekend, we went to Tanjong Beach in Sentosa. I would say that among the three beaches in Sentosa, Tanjong Beach is the quietest and most ideal for families with young children to enjoy a range of beach activities including sand play.

The beach is quiet and calm. It emits a feeling of tranquility and peace as I lie down and enjoy the sea breezes. What a fantastic day!


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we will be visiting here soon with our one year old daughter.

We will be visiting from Chicago (hope it is not too hot there) – we are used to cooler temps. I was bit worried if young ones have any thing to enjoy in Sentosa. But after viewing the pics – I found it is great place.

I really appreciate your effort in writing this blog. Thanks

Hi Biba,
Thanks for visiting my blog, you’re welcome. Sentosa is a great place, and I’m sure your daughter will enjoy it. It was rainy earlier this month, but now, the rains are gradually reducing. Great time for beach outings, and in fact, I just went to Sentosa last weekend. It was fun, and perfect weather! 🙂