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The Hotel Scam

Have you heard about the hotel scam in the Singapore Motherhood forum under the Bulk Purchase section? I got a shock when I read about the news on the newspaper last night.

Click HERE to read the news on Yahoo, and HERE to read the affected BP in the forum.

I registered as a member in the Singapore Motherhood forum four years ago. Back then, I posted in the forum almost every day and I made a lot of purchases from the Bulk Purchase section too. However, I started to lose interest in the forum and I can’t remember when I last login to the forum. Perhaps, weeks or months ago… until last night when I read about the hotel scam.

The BP was started in early April. Forum users will transfer money into the BP organizer’s bank account. The BP organizer will liaise with her business partner to book the respective hotel packages in RWS. The deals have been fully honoured until last week when the users discovered that their rooms have not been paid for. And now, both the BP organizer and her business partner are missing in action and remain uncontactable.

I feel so sorry for these mommies. I hope that they will get their money back and this case will be resolved very soon. It’s painful when our hard-earned money is being cheated. Moreover, some of these mommies are housewives and they pay for the bookings with their husband’s money.

To my friends and blog readers, we have to constantly remind ourselves to be extra careful when making purchases through BP. If something seems too good to be true, then it’s very likely to be not true! If it seems unbelievable, please don’t believe it! And I hope none of you are victims of this scam.


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hey, i was shock when my DH show me this news. I too bought a lot from SMH bulk purchase and still have two lots of things haven receive, make me worried and quickly email and ask for updates.. after this, i think i will reduce/consider more before buying