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Two days ago, I set up a Facebook Fan Page for my blog. Okay, I admit it. I only did it because everyone else is doing it. After ‘vomiting two buckets of blood’, I finally installed the right plug-in to display the Facebook Fan Page correctly on my blog.

Then, I struggled with this question for a while – what content should I put on my Facebook Page? I know I shouldn’t duplicate the content of this blog. If they have the same content, then I don’t see the reason of having a Facebook Page. It should be something additional that adds values to my blog.

I googled on this topic and I found a few good reasons why I should have my own Facebook Page and what I should do with my Facebook Page.

1. It will be nice when readers “like” me.

I mean it; it’s really nice to know that you “like” me. A click that adds motivation to me to continue blogging and write stuffs that you’ll enjoy reading.

2. I can connect to all my readers easily.

I know that some of you have been following my blog for a while, and I really want to know all of you. This Facebook Page is the place where we can “meet” online, share updates, ask questions and have discussions.

3. I can share random things like shopping or dining deals, events and promotions quickly.

When I’m too busy to construct a proper blog post, I can still write a quick update on my Facebook Page before it goes out-dated.


If you’re a faithful follower of my blog, do join me on my newly created Facebook Page. I’d like to make Our Little Smarties Facebook Page a place where we can all meet online and discuss on parenting issues etc.

All you need to do is to click on that tiny blue LIKE button on the right sidebar of this blog (not the picture shown on your left!). Thanks everyone for your support!

Special thanks to my sis – Stevie, Irene and Cynthia for being the first three readers who like my Facebook Page.








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