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There is always a special bond between a father and son. Maybe it’s because the son will carry on his father’s surname or because a father can share his hobbies with his son.

Whatever the reason, the bond is there. It’s a very beautiful thing, I always tell V. However, if the father-son relationship is not nourished, it will gradually weaken and eventually disappear, especially during those teenage years.

I feel that the best way to strengthen the father-son relationship is to share their hobbies. I constantly remind V to take his time to start teaching our son and involve him in his hobbies when he is still young.

V loves swimming at the beach. He brought Little Edison to Sentosa on Monday (school holiday in replacement for Sunday Youth Day). I didn’t join them as I had to work. Both of them came home with a nice tan! I’m sure they had a fantastic time at Sentosa.

On weekends, both of them like to take a stroll in the garden and feed the fishes in the pond. The boy feels special because he gets to go out with his dad. The Daddy is happy because he enjoys the quality time spent with his son.

How does your husband spend time with your children when you are busy or not at home? I love to hear some new ideas from you.

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