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Product Review: Kanten Clay Studio

Two weeks ago, I received an e-mail from Sophie asking whether I’d like to test out their new product called Kanten Clay Studio.

Well, I’ve always been a fan of clay modeling. It’s an excellent way to develop fine motor skills in young children. It also encourages imagination and creativity besides increasing their attention span.

So I said YES, and they sent over two jars of Kanten Clay for me and Little Edison to check out.

As an introduction, Kanten Clay Studio is a Japanese product that emphasizes on its superior quality and safety standards to meet the demand of today’s parents who are concerned about hazardous artificial chemicals in toys. Kanten Clay is made of agar, food colouring and brine. That’s why it is all-natural and safe for our little ones to play with.

Kanten Clay can be purchased in jars of seven individual colours – white, red, yellow, blue, pink, orange and green, or in a set of four colours – white, blue, red and yellow. Of course, we can mix them up to produce more colours!

I opened the jar and took the clay out. My first impression was that it is quite hard, as compared to Play-Doh. I peeled it into smaller portions for Little Edison and now, he can easily mould the clay into shapes that he wants.

Next, he dished out all the plastic moulds from his Play-Doh set and started making letters and alphabets with the clay.

What I really like about Kanten Clay is that it’s oil-free and residue-free. I’m amazed that it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling on my hands after touching them. It also doesn’t leave any oily stains on the table after the play.

I used to be busy picking up the residues on the floor after Little Edison played with other brands of clay. If I don’t, the residues will stick on his pants and feet, and later moved on to the sofa, bed etc. The floor also has to be cleaned immediately; otherwise it feels so oily and sticky.

With Kanten Clay, I don’t have to worry anymore. It’s so clean and neat. The clay comes in a small jar, you can easily store the clay into the jar after playing with it.

I also understand that the clay is very long-lasting. It does not dry out or get hard easily. It retains water well, so the clay remains soft and malleable for a long time.

If you’re keen to try out Kanten Clay, you can purchase it online from Sophie & Friends. You can read more information HERE.

All natural. No smell. No sticky feeling. You’ll love it! 🙂


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