Online Shopping Makes My Day!

In the name of boredom really, I made a lot of online purchases this month. Seriously, I got to stop now before I turn into an online shopping addict. Somebody, please keep my credit cards away!

In this internet savvy world that we’re in, it’s incredibly convenient to purchase just about anything from the comfort of home and even OFFICE. I can go from store to store with the flick of a finger and make purchases in a matter of minutes.

I feel as happy as a child whenever I see a little crumpled package waiting for me to collect in my mailbox or delivered to my doorstep via courier. It’s that sudden feeling of anticipation and excitement when I grab it, tear the wrapper apart and discover the contents in it (although most of the time I already know what is inside).

Earlier this week, I received the Crocs shoes that I bought from the SMH Bulk Purchase. Every time when the Husband sees a package, he will frown and say “shopping again!” And it irritates him further when he finds out that the items are shoes. Simply because, our shoe rack is now fully occupied with Little Edison and my shoes.

Now, I have a very good and valid reason to buy shoes. Because we don’t have a helper now and I don’t have time to wash our boy’s shoes so often, thus I need to buy more shoes as spares. Reasonable, isn’t it? Now, our boy has about 15 pairs of shoes – excluding slippers. These are just part of them that I washed last weekend.

Yesterday, I received my dresses from MDS and I’m so delighted. They fit perfectly! I like to buy clothes from online shops. But when I don’t like the items when I receive them, I’ll chuck them aside. This year, I have an excellent way to dispose these items. I’ll give them to my staffs and colleagues as Christmas presents. Haha!

Today, I’m anticipating another delivery from DHL. Coming up in August, I have Ralph Lauren, Gap and Old Navy clothes that I bought from the oversea sprees and some DVDs from Amazon. I can’t wait!


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me too! i am crazy over online shopping. its such an addiction. wait till you explore the world of ebay, omg, thats like another jungle of things with USD exch rate so low now!

is the quality at MDS good? unfortunately some of the clothings i find on online stores are not that good…

Huey Ling

Xmas gift for who??? haha…

Huey ling

For me?? No lah… I was thinking who can fit yr clothes in office. Den all the familiar faces came into my mind. Haha. I tink i m fat leh as compared to last time before i haf kids. Looking after 2 monkeys plus household chores r enough to kill me everyday. I suppose they r my “exercise” for me daily. U too look slim to me. Where got fats for u to lose.

impressive with the number of shoes for little Edison:). but yeah, the reason sounds good to me to buy more…


hi :
May I know do we need Vpost to buy books/DVD from Amazon? I go to the website , they don’t ask for the Vpost address. I just wondering whether I can directly key in my address in Singapore.