Palawan – The Family-Friendly Beach

This was the Sunday that took me completely away from the madness of works and house chores. I’m browsing through the pictures that I took on my iPhone two days ago (I forgot to bring my camera). These pictures really brought a big grin to my face.

We love hanging out at the beach these days. We drove to the Palawan Beach in Sentosa after taking our afternoon nap. By the time we reached, the weather was fantastic. It wasn’t sunny anymore. We quickly found a nice spot to set up our picnic mat.

Palawan Beach, in a nutshell, is one of the three beaches in Sentosa Island and its main attraction is the suspension bridge that we can cross to another small island.

Children Playground at Palawan Beach

“Eeeee…. got sand here! Can go in or not?”

“Okay, here better. No sand!”

Our boy literally ran off and played with other children on the beach. There is also a children playground here. Occasionally, he called us for help in making sand castles with him.

“Papa, come & help me with the sand castles!”

We spent about two hours mucking about in the water and sand. Then, we cleaned up and had dinner in a nearby café.

Sorry for the blurry photo. The bridge was shaking non-stop.

“Mama, now I want ice-cream!”

It was one of the most relaxed Sundays ever. Just me, Little Edison and V. That’s all I really need.


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