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Steamboat Again!

Often sandwiched between an active 3-year old who cannot sit still at the dining table and a food lover husband who can spend two hours eating just one meal, steamboat is always the last thing on my mind.

V loves steamboat, especially if it is buffet-style. He likes hot soup and he enjoys cooking his food slowly in the pot or grill pan, enjoying its aroma and eating them hot. He can spend a good two hours on it.

On the other hand, Little Edison is impatient with food. We can’t possibly confine him at the dining table for more than twenty minutes. He will make a lot of noise, threaten to climb down from the high chair and roam around the restaurant – which is very dangerous with hot pots everywhere.

Thus, every time when V suggest for steamboat buffet, my answer is a big NO unless we do it ourselves at home.

Recently, we stumbled upon this little eatery by chance. It’s located at a neighborhood mall named Hougang Green, just five minutes drive from my place. This Taiwanese restaurant is called Mun Ting Xiang Cha Xuan. They serve Taiwanese food, snacks and steamboat too (not buffet-style though).

It’s a good place for dining because it’s quiet, air-conditioned and not crowded. The steamboat is definitely good. It comes with two choices of soup, two servings of meat, vegetables and seafood, a plate of fried dumping, two bowl of rice and two drinks for just $29.90. Good for family of 2 or 3.

The lady boss is very friendly and nice. Every time we patronize her restaurant, she will warmly welcome us. She makes an effort to arrange an extra table with toys for Little Edison. As the restaurant is not crowded in the afternoon, it’s also safe for him to roam around.

While we enjoy our steamboat, our boy also eats his meal and play with the toys. It’s not easy to find such a quiet and nice eatery in Singapore, that’s why it’s worth blogging about today. It feels good to enjoy steamboat again…

If you’re staying around this area, you can check out this little eatery at Hougang Green. It’s definitely a nice place to sit down and have a relax meal with your family.


Restaurant Info:

Mun Ting Xiang Cha Xuan

  • Hougang Green Shopping Mall, Hougang Green ST 51, #01-02 to #01-03


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