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Living Without A Helper – Pros and Cons

It’s official now that we’re NOT going to hire a domestic helper. Some of you might be aware that our Indon helper left four months ago. After her departure, we tried to look for a replacement but we failed to find a suitable candidate.

The Husband and I tried very hard to keep the house from falling apart. I’m very appreciative to my parents-in-law who help us tremendously in taking care of Little Edison while we’re at work. It was tough initially, but as time goes by, everything has fallen into a routine beautifully. And now, we really don’t want to go through the hassle of managing a new helper again.

A few readers wrote to me and asked for advice on maid issues. This prompts me to write this post about the pros and cons of hiring a domestic helper. This is my two cents worth…


1. I save A LOT of money every month.

The helper’s salary and levy sum up to about $600 every month. There is another $300 – $400 for her food and expenses. Total is about $1000 savings per month! Imagine the amount of money you can save in one year. Well, I have my own investment plan now (will blog about it when the time is ripe).

2. I have peace of mind.

I don’t have to install CCTV in my house, worry about theft, runaway maid, child abuse etc. This is priceless.

3. I got my privacy back.

I can shower with the door open. I can leave my valuables everywhere at home.

4. Closer bonding with our children.

5. Kids are well-behaved without a helper.

I’m not sure if this applies to all children but it’s obviously TRUE for Little Edison. I rarely have to raise my voice now. In fact, I couldn’t even remember when the last time I did it.

6. No argument among family members due to difference in opinion pertaining to the helper’s duties, house rules and regulations.

7. Less damages at home.

I lost track on how many broken glasses, door stoppers, scratches on our parquet flooring etc contributed by our helpers.


1. I have LESS me-time now.

You should have noticed the reduction in frequency of my blog posting now. The sad truth is that I’ve rejected several media invites and advertorials which I very much like to participate due to time constraints.

2. I get very irritable with house chores sometimes.

I’ll rant like a kid when the toilet is dirty. I’ll get very irritable when the floor is dusty. But at the end of the day, I still have to clean them.

3. Running after our children in supermarket is UNGLAM.

Going out without a helper on weekends can be a hassle. No one to push the stroller, run after the kid OR carry the shopping bags now.

4. The house is not as clean as before.

That is all I have in mind now. I just have to “enjoy” doing my house works now.


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Sounds like my situation a couple of months ago! Totally hear you on all of those points. We now have a part-time cleaner which has been a tremendous help to me. Will be blogging about it sometime too as I’ve too been asked a lot about how we manage. hee. Look forward to read about your investment plan! Good on you for doing that!

Oh she’s really been of a great help because I am truly a lousy housekeeper 🙁 Plus I have my hands full with work and the Bubs! Will consolidate my thoughts and write something soon!


Guess the pros outweigh the cons anytime! I totally agree with you on the points, speaking from my own experience … haha … and well, I am still surviving without a helper (oh today’s exactly 1 year since she left). =)

Enjoy the bonding and privacy that’s priceless! =)


hi emily, stumbled upon your blog after the latest maid infraction at our home. one of the reasons we are still hanging on to a maid is because we need the babysitting. i’m wondering how you arrange babysitting for times when you and daddy v go out on your own.

Chris Louisa Ng

Just want to share this with you: i gotta a domestic helper in Dec, so far I have no issue with her.. me and my hubby was to quarel almost every other week.. cause he does not help out much in the house choice and our son, plus his quick temper, he made things worse. After having the helper, things are better then before, I can get enough rest and dun have to rush myself like crazy after work to get home to prepare dinner for my boy and manage the hosue choice till late night.. Also I do not… Read more »