My New Investment

Do you still remember the investment plan that I mentioned last week? That is with the thousand dollar savings each month from not hiring a maid.

I’m going to share with you the secret today. It’s going to be FUN. So, sit tight and fasten your seat belt!

Two weeks ago, I told the Husband that I plan to make some investment with the $1000 savings that we make each month from not hiring a maid now. He rolled his eyes and looked at me with full curiosity.

He knows jolly well that his Wife doesn’t know much about investment. Truth be told, I don’t even know the interest rates on my savings account.

He thought that I was just joking until the day when my “investment” finally arrived at our doorstep.

It came in a rather-dirty Fedex box, shipped all the way from Hawaii. This is it!

Let’s open and see what is inside. Nicely wrapped in bubble pack.

First clue revealed. It’s a PRADA gift box and dust bag!

The answer is – my new Prada Tessuto Gaufre BN1336 in black. This bag is oh-so- gorgeous that I can’t take my eyes off it the first time I saw it. It’s the kind of beauty that never goes out of style. It’s timeless!

This picture is unable to bring out the beauty of this bag due to poor lightning. In actual, the gold tone hardware makes the bag even more elegant. This bag is twice the price of the LV Neverfull that I bought earlier this year.

Now, that I finally owned it, I’m sooOoo happy!

The authenticity card from Prada.

The Husband couldn’t believe it that this is my so-called “investment”. He nagged for a while, but alas, he said “As long as you’re happy, it’s okay”.

“Of course, I’m happy, dear!”

With this, I’m determined to be the best of friends with Tefal, the iron and Karcher, the vacuum cleaner. I’m eyeing for another Prada or Gucci bag for Chinese New Year. Errmmm, maybe Christmas.


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sososo niceee.. share share where u order ? why from Hawaii ? now u make me think twice should i too take over the broom stick ! ouuuuuuuu….

Serene Lee

Hi emily, how you order this bag? directly from their website?? will it costs cheaper to order online than buying from the boutique

Serene Lee

really a very nice bag

so smart. you can tell your hubby now, stock market crash, cannot encash. at least you have ur bag everyday by your side 🙂 hahaha

after reading ur blogs..i feel inspired to get a nice bag and the clarisonic mia..
so far all the packages coming to my house is for my kids…its so sad that my world only revolves ard them now instead of for myself…

the last time i got anything for myself coming to my house as a overseas package was a pair of boring fit flops so that i can run after the kid..

Hi I have been reading your blog for quite sometime and I really like it alot. I was taken in when you said investment and was looking forward to learning from it. 🙂
Now that it is a bag, I am so tempted toying with the idea of getting the Lady Dior lambskin bag. kekeke Timeless and Beautiful, I have been dreaming about it till now. But I have to say these bags are really good investments because they last a long time. ;P

Love Ange


Thanks so much for sharing.. im pestering my hubby now.. heee.. US dollar is low now.. good to “INVEST”

Lovely bag, Emily! One of women’s weaknesses.

I absolutely agree these bags last a long time. Looking forward to your beeps 🙂 Even cannot buy, it will be good to know 🙂

hi emily

i really got the clarisonic…got it thru amazon..waiting for it to come…dont know why now skinstore dont ship directly to singapore any more unlike i use via vpost..but i decided to save the hassle n use amazon

as for an expensive bag..i love it..but i am not really good at taking care of things..i worry its wil lose its glory way faster than it should be…
i love the miu miu or balenciaga..but haven made the plunge..



is this a leather bag too ?


Ohh nice bag I like it too! I managed to score one Prada bag nylon for less than 1K from one of the sites similar to Groupon. Got lots of scolding from hubby (worried that I got cheated) but the deal turn out geniune. Still so happy with my purchase.

Enjoy yours! Sabrina