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My Not-So-Little Edison

I was reading the Classified Ads section on a Sunday morning. As usual, Little Edison will be watching his favourite show on Nick Jr while I read the newspaper.

I like to circle the ads that I find interesting or I might want to respond to using a marker pen. Suddenly, our boy came down from the sofa and disappeared for about ten seconds. Then, he returned with another section of the Classified Ads and a marker pen, and he said, “Mama, let me help you!”

He sat on the floor, flipped the newspaper and started circling them – just the same way like I did. It was really amusing. At that instance, somehow, I also realized how grown-up my boy has become. He can now offer help to me. He knows where things are kept at home.

I can still remember him as a tiny infant and now, he’s a wonderful little boy who is so helpful and sensible. I’m so proud of him.


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