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Packing up the Goodie Bags

It’s a golden long weekend for me. Yesterday was the replacement holiday for the Presidential Election and today is the Hari Raya holiday. Yay! It’s a good time for me to prepare for Little Edison’s birthday celebrations.

We will have a birthday party at school this week, before the Sept school holiday starts. Birthday celebration with the family members will be on the actual day. This year, it will be extra special for him because the party will be held at a very nice location – away from home.

I’m busy packing up the goodie bags for the birthday party at school this week. Look what I’ve bought! Rice crackers, fruit jellies, Yupi marshmallows, chocolates and candies!

Snacks for the goodie bags – candies, chocolates, marshmallows, jellies…

Little Edison is super excited to see all these snacks. While I’m packing them, he asks me repeatedly, “Mama, can I eat this?”, “Mama, can I eat that one?”…

Distributing the snacks into 23 portions before packing them up

Finally, all the goodie bags are ready. I make three special goodie bags with plush toys for his teachers too – just for fun!

Goodie bags all ready!  Yay!


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Ohhh.. this is so fun!! Edison must be very excited to celebrate his birthday with his friends!

Wow, my boys always like that too. Have fun! 🙂

Oh wow…that’s lots of goodies for Little Edison’s friends, the kids will be so thrilled. Happy Birthday to Edison in advance!


23 exactly the same as my girl’s classmates..did u add one more for edison too? last year i din prepare one for my girl, as i thought it’s her birthday we will give her birthday present, so forgo the goodies bag, she is so sad.. so at the end, she took one of the extra goodies bag(few of her friends were absent that day) oh mine…