SingKids Playsystem at Changi Airport

Have you been to the SingKids Playsystem? It’s the latest child-friendly facility in Changi Airport Terminal 3. Admission to this facility is payable ($18 per hour for peak days and $18 for two hours for off-peak days) and a ticket admits one parent or guardian and a child.

Every time when we’re near the Playsystem, we have to take an alternative route to divert our boy’s attention away from it. Otherwise, I can guarantee you that he will dash in that direction. And I hate to say NO to him.

Last weekend, we went to Changi T3 for dinner. After that, we walked to Mini Toon to get some presents for the coming Teacher’s Day. Before we realized it, our boy saw the Playsystem. He jumped with joy and he asked me “Mama, can I play?”

We allowed him to play for an hour.

Set in a bright and cheerfully decorated environment, the facility has movable rides, jumping inflatable play area, air balls pool etc. It’s divided into two sections; however, the whole area is considered quite small as compared to other indoor playgrounds like The Polliwogs. It’s quite safe too, if you ask me.

Our boy sure had great FUN. He named this a SUPER-DUPER playground.

Here are some pictures to share.

Rain or shine, this place definitely promises great fun and exciting play time for the kids. And a good bonding time for families too!

P/S: I heard that the Playsystem is available at VivoCity too. Have you been there? Do you like the place? How do you find the rates? I love to hear from you.

Useful Info:

  • Location: Changi Airport Terminal 3 Basement 2
  • Operating Hours: 11.00am – 11.00pm
  • Rates: $18 per hour on peak days (Fri to Sun) and $18 for two hours on off-peak days (Mon to Thurs)
  • Others: Need to wear socks in the play area. Socks are sold for $2 per pair for adults and also children.

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Hi yes we have been there once, our dd loves that play system. Quite nice and changi itself is a nice place to hang out. It’s our families fav place. U mentioned u went to mini toons to buy teachers day gifts, if you don’t mind can you share what are the ideal gifts to give to the teachers? And do u give to all the teachers in his school or only to his form/subject teachers… And anything interesting in mini toons? Pls do share ya.


Hi Emily , thanks for ur suggestions. Like u , even I used to buy for all her subject teachers and her previous class teachers, but I sometimes confused if am over doing? Because some of her class Mates parents don’t really give anything and if so also only to the form teacher. I some how don’t prefer that as I feel it’s time to acknowledge , show some gratitude to the teachers who shape these little ones early childhood. That’s the reason I wanted to ask you. Thanks for taking time off to reply. Will surely check out mini… Read more »


Hi Emily , u can find Urban Write at Tampines1 mall, if your a popular card member you get 10% discount as well. Am not sure about their other outlets. Guess there’s one in orchard central not sure. I went to tampines1 mall. They have some really stylish stationery and nice teachers day gifts. Do check it out .

best indoor gym ever.i tried the one at vivocity coz its more accessible to me..
pricing wise..its actually more expensive that the rest but this system is more suitable for 2yrs old…
coz there is no way 2 yrs old can do those huge systems like in explorer kids or fidgets..
so to me money well spent..i went on a weekday so i get 2 hours..i didnt expect my son to last almost 2 hours…
would love to try the one at t3..from my fren’s photo..its seeem to have more things to play compare to the one at vivo

fiona lee

don’t sign up for Singkids yearly pass…united square has been closed without notice and i doubt i can get my money back….going to case..