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I got to know Chin Woon from MyNameSticker since two years ago when I was searching for cartoon name stickers for Little Edison. That was in Dec 2009, a month before our boy started his first year in Pre-Nursery.

I was looking for name stickers for his water bottle, bag, stationery etc. I don’t intend to buy those extra durable but expensive stickers because ultimately, we won’t be using the same water bottle or stationery for more than six months or so. I need something cheap (ideally not more than $10) and moderately durable.

I was glad to find MyNameSticker. I ordered name stickers with assorted cartoons from Chin Woon. I was impressed with the quality of the stickers. His service is very good and fast too — I usually receive my orders within 2 days after payment.

After using the name stickers for two years now, I can say that the quality is quite good for its price. It can last about three months before they start to peel off slightly at the edges. It’s time to change a new sticker! We have Dora, Pooh, Tare Panda, Doraemon, Snoopy, Astro Boy, Mickey and so on.

They also have plain color stickers that are very useful in printing addresses, greetings, labels etc. I print greeting stickers for our boy’s Teachers’ Day presents and birthday goodie bags next month. It saves me a lot of time as I don’t need to scribble his name on the wrappers or buy separate greeting cards. All I need to do is just to peel and paste! It’s so easy and neat too.

If you’re looking for stickers, you can try out MyNameSticker. Chin Woon will be super helpful and patient with your queries. Just let him know what you need. It’s good stuff, that’s why I want to recommend to you.

Now, who needs stickers?

#1: Cartoon Name Stickers
# 2: Labels for birthday goodie bags
# 3: Labels for Teachers’ Day presents


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That’s a great idea in the birthday goodie bags, thx for sharing!


Just to share, i went to the sticker website, they said now for series C they give 40% extra stickers. Do drop by ! Thanks emily for sharing. I ‘m ordering for my girl’s birthday too 🙂