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When You’re Happy, I’m Happy Too!

I love children – their innocence, their carefreeness, their endless energy, their laughters and the amazing things that they say.

Last weekend, we brought Little Edison to the Jacob Ballas Children Garden. Given an option between sand play and water play, he chose the latter.

And there he goes…

I sat on the bench and observed him from a distance. He enjoys pouring water from the pail to the watering can, and back to the pail.

He saw another boy poured water over his head. His eyes beamed with excitement. He quickly filled his pail again and poured the water over his head. And he giggled non-stop.

Shortly, all the children started pouring and splashing waters onto each others. They had a great time!

It’s every parent’s dream to give their children a happy and carefree childhood. I asked my boy and he said “I’m happy, Mama!”

Mama is happy when you’re happy, sweatheart.


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I am happy when my kids are happy too. 🙂 My kids absolutely adore this place too.

Best Ange