Amazonia – The New Indoor Playground

Just when V thought that he had enough of indoor playground with our frequent visits to The Polliwogs and Singkids Playsystem, I brought him and Little Edison to another bigger and newer facility. Amazonia at Great World City, that is.

Entrance of Amazonia at Great World City

Amazonia is touted as Singapore’s newest family indoor amusement park where visitors can experience first 3D glow-in-the-dark indoor golf course, interactive Spaceball shoot-out game and a large children’s play-gym with a four-tier jumbo wave slide. It also has a dining area with its own theme bistro.

The main play-gym with four-tier jumbo wave slide

Own theme bistro

Menu and sofa seat at the dining area

Another section of the spacious dining area

There are two party rooms where parents can hold children’s parties. There is also a themed toddler play area called Jungle Gym for children below 3 years old.

Jungle Gym – toddler play area

Little Edison dashed into the play-gym at his full speed the minute his socks were on. He was extremely excited to see the new play-gym that is so much bigger than The Polliwogs and Singkids Playsystem. V and I found a nice spot at the dining area to sit back and relax while our boy tired himself out.

Little Edison at the Jungle Gym

Personally, I find that the main play-gym is much more challenging than The Polliwogs. Some areas are quite narrow, thus making it difficult for the adults to get in if they want to supervise their children. The moment Little Edison climbed into the play-gym, I can hardly see him from the outside.

Initially, I was a little paranoid. I kept shouting “Boy, where are you? Be careful when you climb! Are you okay?” But after five minutes, I gave up. I can’t possibly follow him through the structures as some of them are quite narrow. And since everywhere is padded, I feel that it should be quite safe and our boy should be able to take care of himself too.

So, I left him playing on his own in the play-gym.

Little Edison at the main play-gym

Climb, climb, climb!

The narrow structure

Another one…

Here are some pictures of the ball pit which is quite unique. There is a board on top with holes on it. Children can throw the balls in the ball pit into the holes. If the ball goes into the hole, the hole will light-up. It’s like a mini basketball game for kids.

Little Edison in the ball pit

Throw a ball into the hole!

The 8 meters high, four-tier jumbo wave slide is the most popular feature in Amazonia. Our little dare devil wanted to slide down all by himself. Again, I was worried. I demanded V to slide down with our boy on his lap (cause I don’t dare to do it! Haha!). He did it twice while he explained the safety precautions to our boy before we allowed him to slide down all by himself.

The four-tier wave slide

View from the top of the jumbo slide

He spent the entirely two hours in the main play-gym as well as the toddler play area. So, we didn’t explore the Golf and Spaceball sections which are charged separately on top of the admission fee.

All in all, this play-gym keeps children entertained for hours with its challenging obstacles and jumbo wave slide. The dining area is spacious and comfortable too. Two hours are just nice, with short breaks in between and snacks / drinks from the bistro.

Just before we left the place, I asked our boy “Is this new playground NICER or The Polliwogs is nicer?” Guess what his reply was.

As I’ve expected, his reply was “This new playground is nicer. I like it!”

Useful Info:

  • Location: 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #03-08 Great World City, Singapore 237994.
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday: 10am to 10pm
  • Entrance Fee: Age 3 months -3 years old: $20 for 2 hours, Age 3 to 12 years old: $30 for 2 hours.

Remember to bring your socks if you are interested to try out this new indoor play-gym!


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