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Birthday Party in School

We celebrated Little Edison’s birthday in school last week. His actual birthday is on this weekend, but we had to celebrate one week ahead due to the school holiday this week.

For this reason, I took a day off from work. After I sent him to school, I went to collect the cupcakes. School starts at 8am and their break time is 9:30am. So, I’ve more than enough time to collect the cupcakes and goodie bags for the party.

I returned to school at 9:30am. As I walked into his classroom, Little Edison had a pleasant surprise. He was not aware of my plan to celebrate his birthday in school on that day. But later, I had an even bigger surprise! Two of his classmates were also celebrating their birthdays on that day!

So, we had a MEGA birthday party – with two cakes from his classmates and cupcakes from me. Luckily, all the cakes and cupcakes have different flavours. It was so much FUN to have two birthday boys and one birthday girl together.

I ordered cupcakes from Pat’s Pastry. Look at them, they are so beautiful! The kids are thrilled to have them.

Garden’s Bugs cupcakes from Pat’s Pastry

Here are the pictures taken during the party. Little Edison was so happy to celebrate his birthday with so many friends and teachers. All the kids had two slices of cakes and a cupcake. I was surprised that most of them could finish their portion, especially Little Edison.

Group Photos

Singing the birthday song

Little Edison is so delighted!

Yay! Blow the candles!

And he came home with three goodie bags too! He is a happy boy!


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Happy Birthday lil Edison ! we see him grow up in your blog.. feel like my own son like that.. muak !

Emily, the candles look cute, can i know where you get that ?nice cupcakes!

Happy Birthday Edison. Feels like we just celebrated the first birthday and they are all 4 now! 🙂 hehe time flies

Hi Emily,

First time stumble upon your blog 🙂

Happy birthday to Little Edison! (nice name, btw).

Guess what, I am also from Ipoh though I came to this island not as long as you, just about 5 years. I have 2 kids now, my elder is just a few months younger than Edison. I am also a FTWM.

You keep a nice blog. I will sure drop by again (will link your blog in my bloglist, hope you don’t mind).