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Are You Watching Blue’s Clues too?

The Dora and Boots craze is over in my house. Recently, our little boy falls in love with Blue’s Clues. Initially, I thought that it’s a new show. But later, I realized that Blue’s Clues actually debuted back in 1996 – way ahead of Dora the Explorer, Go Diego and Ni Hao Kai Lan.

As an introduction, Blue’s Clues is a show on Nick Jr. (StarHub Cable TV CH304) aimed at preschoolers. The show featured a host in a green-striped shirt named Steve, his blue puppy named Blue and all the friends in their cartoon house.

In each episode, they play a game called Blue’s Clues. Since Blue can’t talk, she has to leave paw prints on three items and Steve needs to figure out what Blue is looking for or trying to tell him. Over the course of looking for clues in each episode, Steve and Blue, along with the children viewing at home, help solve problems for others too.

Their adventures aren’t limited to the house but Blue and Steve have the ability to “skidoo” into pictures and books. In the show, the word “skidoo” means “jumping into something.” They also have the ability to interact with characters in artwork and books.

Whenever Steve finds a clue, an off-screen child will shout “A clue! A clue!” (Little Edison loves that!) Then, he draws a picture of the clue on his “Handy Dandy Notebook”. When he gets all the three clues, he goes into the living room, sit on his red Thinking Chair and piece together all the clues to come up with the answer.

I started watching Blue’s Clues with Little Edison about a month ago. I really like the way Steve interact with his audience; it’s very engaging and full of expressions. The best part of the show is the problem solving, where Steve struggles to put the clues together and find the answer.

Despite the large number of episodes, the ideas and show themes are barely repeated. It does a fantastic job in incorporating educational materials on a variety of topics into the show.

Personally, I find that Blue’s Clues is a great show for children of preschool age. The show helps to develop basic educational knowledge as well as language. If you’re subscribed to StarHub Cable TV at home, watch this show with your child and I’m sure you will both enjoy it.

Little Edison loves Blue’s Clues so much, I hope that I can find a Blue plush toy for him. If you know where to buy one, please give me a buzz, okay? Thanks!

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