Buy a Prada Bag from Hawaii

Quite a few readers have e-mailed me to ask about my recent Prada handbag purchase from Hawaii. So, I’ll write a short post here to share with everyone.

As an introduction, Joanna is a Sales Associate at Prada Kalakaua, Hawaii who does mail orders with international customers. Prior to 8 Aug 2011, Hawaii was the best alternative for customers as their prices are generally cheaper than USA. But right after this date, the prices at Prada Hawaii have been matched to Prada USA prices.

Nonetheless, the US dollar has hit an all-time low against Singapore dollar now. So, I feel that it’s still a good time to shop. Yay! Even with international shipping, the prices should still be cheaper than buying from Singapore. You can e-mail Joanna to check the prices and make a comparison before you make your purchase.

Joanna’s e-mail address is When you write to her, please indicate her name – Joanna on the subject title as all the Sales Associates in this boutique are sharing the same e-mail ID. To make a purchase, she will send you a Telephone Order Form. You will fill-up all the details on the form – your name, address, merchandise, credit card information and lastly, your signature. You can send the completed form to her via e-mail or fax. She will process your order and ship them via Fedex.

For my order, this is the details and breakdown of the costs:

  • Item #: BN1336_QR1_F0002
  • Description: Tessuto Gaufre in Black (Nylon)
  • Price of Bag: US$1260.00 (~SG$1556)
  • Fedex Shipping Fee: US$127.00 (~SG$157)
  • 7% GST: SG$106.00
  • Fedex Admin Fee: SG$10.00

        Total Cost: SG$1829.00

        Price in Singapore boutique: SG$2250.00 (it’s about SG$400+ cheaper!)

The 7% GST and Fedex admin fees will be charged in a separate invoice about a week after the shipment arrived. Payment can be made to Fedex by cheque.

As many of you may ask – how secure is the telephone order? I mean, it’s too risky to send our credit card and personal information through e-mail. Thus, I wrote to a few forumers to get their feedback. Apparently, all of them felt that it is quite safe given the good track record and positive reviews on forums. You can read that from Flowerpod, PurseForum and even Singapore Motherhood Forum.

With this, I was 99% confident to go ahead with my order. My bag arrived within four days after I sent my order form and I was so relieved.

One thing that is worth mentioning here – Joanna is a real sweetie. She is nice and patient in answering all my questions. When I was undecided over which sizes and models to buy, she sent me all the pictures of the bags for my consideration. She also shared her opinion with me. Last but not least, she personally inspected my bag and packed it nicely in dust bag and Prada gift box before shipping out to me.

Now, let’s check out these beauties (new arrivals) that Joanna shared with me though e-mail two days ago. Nice nice!





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Thanks for all the details. You answered all my questions!


Thanks for sharing:)

Any one wan to join shipping with me? I would like to get BN 1407 frm her..Email me @


Hi, I would also like to join shipping… Pls email me too.