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Little Edison’s Drawings

I found this drawing on the bumper mat two days ago. I immediately dished out my iPhone to take a picture of it. It was drawn by our 4-year-old Little Edison.

I sat down with him for a talk about this drawing. Obviously, this is a picture of our family – he is on the leftmost, I’m at the center and V is on the rightmost.

I asked him why there is a circle on my head and he replied “Mama, that’s the hair clip on your hair!”

He was delighted when I wanted to know more about his drawing. He further explained that we’re going out together, he holds my hand and Daddy walks behind us. Oh well, this is the typical setting when we go out. He is absolutely right about it.

I love to see the smiles on our faces in this drawing. I’m sure in his heart, we’re one HAPPY FAMILY.

And lastly, he wrote number 1, 2 and 3 on the drawing which means the three of us in our family.

This is another random drawing that I found in his drawing block. He loves to scribble and draw recently. Initially, I bought drawing blocks for him. But looking at the amount of papers that he uses every day, it seems not economical to buy the thick drawing blocks. So, I get him a bundle of A4 papers instead.

He also draws things at home like clock, chair, boxes and other random things like sun, cloud, cat etc. I’ll show you again next time.


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Ha… cute drawings! My boy draws everyday too, so I recycle letters with a blank page behind. Just leave a stack of such paper with marker pens in a box and he’d dig them out. Have fun! 🙂


Hahaha Edison is good in drawing!!