New Column – Online Shopping Inspirations

With the world of shopping choices now, I enjoy shopping at the comfort of my home more than going to the mall. Not that I’ve given up shopping in the real world, but online shopping is more appealing to me now.

For busy mothers like us, I’m sure you’ll agree that shopping away with a click of a mouse is easier than going out to the mall with our kids in tow. Forget about the crowd, waiting time, travelling time etc.

I started reviewing shopping sites and blogshops early this year. My intention is to share with you great shopping websites, good bargains and interesting products.

Recently, an idea struck me that I should create a column in my blog for online shopping inspirations. This column is also opened to all readers to share their favourite shopping sites, or even their own blogshops!

I’ll name this column as Online Shopping Inspirations. As a start, I’ll write a post every alternate Friday to showcase some of our favourite shopping sites. Depending on your feedback, I may increase it to every Friday of the week.

So, if you have a great shopping site to share, feel free to e-mail me with subject line “Online Shopping Inspirations”. Please include your name, URL of the shopping site or blogshop, photos of your purchases (if any) and a few words on why you like this shopping site or blogshop.

I hope that this column can map the best shopping sites and make our online shopping easier (and definitely more fun too!). So, come and share with me!


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