Genting Highlands: Coach and Hotel Accommodation

Last week, we went for a short vacation to Genting Highlands, Malaysia. It was our first vacation by coach. Initially, I was skeptical if Little Edison is able to endure the travelling time of six hours by coach. But it turned out that the journey was quite easy for him – even when the exact travelling time was a freaking 7.5 hours!

We took the Five Star Executive Coach from Golden Mile Complex. The seat is a massage chair that is surprisingly very spacious and comfortable. Each seat is equipped with TV and game console. Our boy was happy to sit on his own, play with his smelly pillow and Hello Kitty, and eventually falling asleep.

It’s a massage chair, so comfy too!

TV and game console on each seat

The coach left Singapore at 8am sharp. It stopped for half an hour at Yong Peng (Johor) for lunch break and another two toilet breaks before we reached Genting Highlands at 3:30pm. Luckily, the bus terminal is just a short five minute walk to the hotel lobby.

There are many accommodation options in Genting Highlands – Highlands Hotel, Resort Hotel, Theme Park Hotel, Genting Hotel and First World Hotel. We chose the latter because I stayed there once and I like its convenience to the First World Plaza, indoor theme park and food galore.

Again, being the largest hotel in Genting Highlands with over 6,000 hotel rooms, I’ve read negative comments about the long check-in queue. Our friends recommended the World Club Room to us; it has special check-in counters without the long wait.

So, I’m really glad that we booked the World Club Room. The first four check-in counters are allocated for World Club Room guests only and we took less than 3 minutes to check-in.

V checking-in at the special counter for World Club Room guests

We chose a room on the highest floor (28th floor) at Tower 2 with views of the theme park. The room has two single beds, a sofa, a dressing table, bathroom with a separated standing shower and bath tub, fridge with complimentary drinks, coffee and tea making facility as well as hair-dryer (must-have for me!).

The World Club Room size is 450 sq. ft, which is double the size of a Deluxe Room. I understand from the reception that there are 3 choices of World Club Room – two queen size beds with no bath tub, one queen size bed with bath tub OR two single beds with bath tub. We chose the latter because our boy loves bath tub so much.

Here are some pictures of the World Club Room. It is priced between RM305 (Low) to RM550 (Super Peak). Personally, I find that it’s very spacious, clean and suitable for families with children.

Sofa to sit and relax!

Two Single Beds

View from the room

Wardrobe and dressing table

Sink and standing shower

Little Edison in the bath tub


In my next post, I’ll share about the food and theme parks in Genting.


11 thoughts on “Genting Highlands: Coach and Hotel Accommodation

  1. Hi gal,

    I am also going to Genting this Dec! How do u indicate in ur booking that u need 2 queen sized bed? I need to book 2 queen sized bed with no bath tub cos i have 2 kiddos + 1 helper + 2 adults..

    Did u all go to the outdoor theme park? still contemplating if i wanna get the all-parks pass.

    1. Hi Pooh Wei,
      I booked the hotel room through Five Star. I asked them about the room selection, the answer is that I can only select the room upon check-in. I called the hotel to ask and I get the same answer as well. So, you can call them to confirm that too. I don’t know how many World Club rooms they have, but I have a feeling that it’s quite limited. I will advise you to book early as Dec is also school holiday in Msia. Can be quite pack too.

      I bought the all-parks pass. Actually, the indoor park is rather small and mostly are kiddie rides. The outdoor park has more interesting rides. If you have time, you can bring your girls to the strawberry farm too. I read a lot of nice comments about the farm, it’s quite educational for kids too. As I was there for only 3D2N, I didn’t have sufficient time to visit the farm.

  2. Wow ! looks fun ! but i still don’t have the courage to do travel in coach yet.. it’s too long ! how about the theme park ? did Edison enjoy it ?

    1. Hi Mico,
      The theme parks are fun, although rather old. Will share about the theme parks in my next post.

      Actually, the journey by coach is really long. It was killing me!

  3. Thanks gal! I just booked my hotel rooms thru S$295 for 2 nights stay at world club room. Looking forward to my road trip in Dec!

  4. pooh wei…get all day theme park…i went with my 29 month old and 7 month old..
    was contemplating whether to get jsut outdoor park n pay abit more for all park..
    was there on 2-4 Oct.

    in the end i use the maybank 15% promo for all park..paid RM 53 for all park..totally worth it..though i must say i think i took more rides indoor park than outdoor..(outdoor -tea cup, carousel, flying elephant, aeroplane, rodeo ride, junior bumper car, ferris wheel , antique car -my son not tall enough for bumper boat 🙁 )

    indoor – ferris wheel again, gondola, monorail tt goes outdoor, reindeer, train, and i only paid for the genting de paris car ride for my son.. (as he didnt need to pay for the parks as he was below 90cm)

    stayed at resort hotel superior deluxe..think its ard RM 248 after deducting one Genting Point…big room..but no bath tub 😛

    after a bad experience yrs ago at first world i never want to stay at first world.but seeing ur pix..they have very good rooms now for family..and near all the eateries etc..there is nothing much at resort world besides a nice coffee bean..every meal need to walk to first world to eat..but nice walk though

    did edison do the rodeo ride?…the junior version of the solero space shot….my boy did it.he was completely stunned..hahhahhaha

    didnt have time for strawberry farm on the way down coz it was pouring… time…i guess i wil visit again before my 7 month girl hit 90 cm 😛

    1. Hi Jaime,
      I bought the all-park passes with the WorldCard promo, it’s only RM140+ for 2 adults and 1 child. So cheap – can’t even buy one adult pass to our Universal Studio with this price. Haha! The WorldClub Room in First World Hotel is really good, clean and spacious. However, the room service is really lousy. I had to call the Room Service two three times to get my towels changed. 🙁

      My boy was not keen with the Rodeo Ride, I guess he was scared of the heights. But he enjoyed the Ride de Genting so much!

  5. haha..that’s so true..cant even get the USS tix…so for now i haven step into USS yet though i am still convincing my hubby to bring the kids for staycation at Festive hotel coz the USS ticket is provided for..

    room service…apparently there are 6000 plus room in first world..msia standard..every thign must have low expectation. 🙂

    1. Hi Jaime,
      You are right! Before we went up, I already reminded my Hubby not to expect the same kind of service like we had in Festive Hotel. Haha!

  6. Hello sis!!

    Im going to bring my 2 kids there this Dec. Kept thinking whether to book Resort World superior deluxe or First World World Club room. Heard too much negative comments about first world. But you know first world is the most convenient for kids. Maybe I should settle for World Club room now with little Jayden. Besides strawberry farm, do you know of any other farms in Genting?? I remember I had been to mushroom farm but that was 10 yrs ago. donoe if it is still ard.

    1. Hi Huey Ling,
      I find that the World Club Room is really good – suitable for family with kids due to its size. I’m not sure about Resort Hotel, maybe you can google on the intermet. Yeah, there is a mushroom farm there. I read about it on the Flowerpod Forum. Near the strawberry farm. It’s nice to bring your boys to the farms. Last time, I bring Edison to the strawberry farm in Cameron Highlands, he enjoyed plucking the strawberries so much. No matter how sour is the strawberry, he still said they are sweet cos he plucked them. Haha!

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