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Genting Highlands: Indoor & Outdoor Theme Parks

Disneyland meets Las Vegas but on a smaller scale – that’s how people describe it on the internet. Personally, I find that it’s not so much of Disneyland here (no Disney characters at all!) but only rides. Las Vegas? Maybe. There are two casinos over here.

After having a hearty breakfast at the World Club Lounge, we went to the Outdoor Theme Park. We bought the all-parks one day unlimited ride passes. The main entrance to the theme park is located just beside the Theme Park Hotel.

Our first ride was the Double Deck Carousel. This is a family ride with no height limit. Our boy rode on this fancy carousel over and over again. The best thing is that there wasn’t any crowd. So, we can remain in the carousel as long as we want, without the need to exit and join the queue again.

Double Deck Carousel, can you spot us on the upper deck?

While we were having fun at the carousel, V went for a whirlwind adventure on the Spinner.

The Spinner

Just a few walks from the Spinner, there is a Beryl’s Chocolate Wonderland where colourful chocolate processing simply bursts before your eyes. Then, we proceed to another family ride called Astro Fighter. V and I took our turn to go on this ride with Little Edison.

Beryl’s Chocolate Wonderland

Me and Little Edison on Astro Fighter

V and Little Edison on Astro Fighter

Next to Astro Fighter, you can see the Rodeo Rider. Similar to the popular adult thrill ride Space Shot, this is a vertical ascent and descent thrill ride but on a slower speed for children. Little Edison wasn’t keen to try; I bet he was scared of the height.

Rodeo Rider. That’s not our boy in this picture!

There is a Koi fish pond besides the Flying Jumbo ride. Fish food is sold for RM3 per pack. Our boy enjoyed feeding them. After the fish-feeding, we proceed to the Monorail. It was such a delightful train ride offering a scenic view of the lake and the entire outdoor theme park.

Koi fish pond, feel free to feed them!

Monorail, nice one 🙂

Our boy spotted a children playground and he ran towards it happily. The weather was cool, naturally breezy and sometimes sunny in the early afternoon. There are also various game stalls in the outdoor theme park. You have to buy tokens in order to play at these stalls.

Children Playground

Games stalls like this are everywhere in the theme park!

We were interested to try out the boat ride on the lake. However, our boy didn’t meet the minimum height requirement – so V went ahead with the boat ride while Little Edison and I waited for him at the resting area.

Boating Area

We tried many of the family rides but not the thrill rides. The main reason is because Little Edison is too young for these rides and I’m probably too “old” for them. Haha! V said it was no fun to go on the thrill rides alone but I can’t possibly leave Little Edison alone to join him. So, at the end, we gave those thrill rides a MISS.

Here are some pictures taken in the Outdoor Theme Park:

Flying Coaster – the thrill ride

Little Edison driving the antique car – no license also can drive one!

Antique Train – boring stuff 🙁

Snapshot of the water park and boating area

We left the place at about 3pm after our boy fell asleep on his stroller. We took a slow walk back to our hotel. As soon as we reached our room, it started to rain heavily. All the rides will be closed because of the rain, sadly. We haven’t visited the Water Park yet.

After taking our shower and briefly recharged, we went out again to the Indoor Theme Park. It’s much smaller than the Outdoor Theme Park and it’s located at the First World Plaza. There are many family and children rides here, i.e. Ferris Wheel, Reindeer Cruiser, Mini Train and Rio Float.

The most interesting ride that you shouldn’t miss in the Indoor Theme Park is the Ride de Paris. You can see a small scale of Paris Eiffel Tower here with mini cars ride around the tower. The mini cars are only for children, so we let our boy enjoyed the car ride all by himself. There is another musical carousel in the Indoor Theme Park too.

Ride de Paris – his favourite! 🙂

Carousel in the Indoor Theme Park

All in all, Little Edison had a day full of fun at the theme parks. V and I were overjoyed having so much fun with him too.

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the fish and the just love tt..i was like..”lets go for paid rides”..”there are lots of fish ponds and play ground in sg”.. but we did make numerous stop at the playgrd n fish pond

u miss the junior bumper car…Edison should be able to ride quite well..
my son tried..but didnt quite grasp the concept to step on the pedal continuously to move…will try again when older..


Hey, pardon me asking … are you expecting? The pic you took outside Beryl’s Chocolate Wonderland seems so leh … if yes, congrats!!! =)

both indoor and outdoor has it…outdoor is free for my son..but indoor my son needs to weird..


Opps! So sorry … I’m so embarrassed now. =p