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Buying a gift for our children is easy. There are so many options to choose from – clothing, toys, bags, stationeries, bicycle etc. But if we’re looking for a unique and personalized gift that reflects much more thought and consideration for our loved ones, that is the real challenge.

Recently, I was introduced to a new online store that does just that! is a new e-commerce online store whose business is all about personalized gifts for children. Every product features our children’s name on it. The store has over 350 products with different themes and designs to choose from.

Tolalu Website

When you first land at Tolalu website, you’ll be greeted with a text box where you need to enter your child’s name. Simply type his or her name, click on the pink “Go” button and you’ll see all the products with your kid’s name engraved on them. It is awesome!

First, I created a name sticker for Little Edison. He loves zoo animals, so I’m pretty sure he will love these stickers too. I can paste these stickers on his water bottle, school workbooks etc. The size of the stickers is 7cm.

The stickers are printed with his full name. For security purpose, I replace them with stars in this picture.

Name sticker measures 7cm – best to be used on books!

Next, I created a placemat for him. This placemat is in A3 size, and it can be used as a table protector when dining or colouring. It is laminated, so it can be easily washed. It fits just nice on Little Edison’s study table.

Placemat in A3 size – thick, laminated and beautiful!

Besides name stickers and placemats, Totalu also has personalized learning materials like numbers, colouring and activity books. You can also find growth charts, story books, note books, puzzles, book marks, wall stickers, calendars and greeting cards here.

There are various themes to choose from – animals, fairies, robots, automotives, ice-cream, melody etc. Great for children of all ages and mommies too!

Pictures courtesy of

For your information, Tolalu delivers in Singapore within 3 to 5 days upon order placement and a delivery fee of $7.00 will be waived for orders above $60.00. The delivery is via courier, so you don’t have to worry about items being damaged or crumpled in your mailbox.

If you’re looking for a beautifully designed gift that is made with love and special attention to details, please head over to and try it yourself. There are a lot of sweet gifts here, so I hope you’ll find something that you like.


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Thanks Emily ! This is so nice and personalised. Im gonna get this for sure !


The place mat looks nice!


Looks interesting … gonna browse through … thanks for sharing!


I got few for my friends’ kids and they love its. they said I made their day. Kids love things are special for them.