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Saturday Snapshot: At the Playground

Our boy is getting bored with the playgrounds in our apartment. Occasionally, he will ask us to bring him to the bigger indoor playground with colourful ball pits and fanciful long slides. But today, I brought him to the neighbourhood playground located at the HDB blocks opposite our apartment.

The playground is quite new and there is a fitness / exercise area next to it. There is also a cycling path circling the playground. Our boy had so much fun playing at this playground.

Little Edison at the playground

It’s sad, however, to see that the residents here are not taking good care of this facility. Tissue papers, ice-cream wrappers, sticks and bottles were all over the floor despite a trash bin conveniently located within 2m from the playground.

Tissue papers all over the playground

There was a group of older boys playing with a ball near the slide, endangering the other younger children in the playground. I bet they are at least 13 or 14 years old, picture below.

Older boys playing with ball & badminton near the slide

I brought Little Edison to the exercise area to avoid these boys. And we had a great time cycling at the park too. Great exercise for both of us. 🙂

Practising on the balance beam

Climb higher and higher!

“Ah! I’m so tired!”


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