Teaching Kids About Safety

I chuckled when I read this post from Rachel’s blog. Not because it is funny, but it sounds very familiar to me. I’ve been repeating it almost every day with Little Edison.

     Me: Boy, Mama is going to take a quick shower. So, don’t do anything dangerous, ok?

     Edison: (Continue to watch the TV)

     Me: Don’t climb on anything, don’t open the door to strangers, don’t run about.

     Me: No superman, no batman, no spiderman. Ok?

     Edison: (Look at me and roll his eyes) Ok!

Most of the time, I will continue to nag until he officially reply me with a “Yes!”

Now that we’re “maidless”, I don’t have the capacity to watch him every minute and every second. When I need to take a shower or busy with some chores in the kitchen, I will leave him alone in the living hall – with the TV on or occupy him with toys or books.

For the same reason, teaching him about safety is the best thing that I should do now – to keep him save and to give myself a peace of mind. My favourite way to teach him about safety is through story books. It is fun and interesting.

I bought this story book “I Can Play It Safe” by Scholastic from his school few months ago. It’s one of the BEST books I’ve ever read to Little Edison. It talks about personal safety issues in a non-threatening way, covering topics like safe versus harmful secrets, safe versus harmful touches, and the importance of having a community of trusted adults to turn to for help.

The safety information is well presented in a format that is easy to understand for the children and practical for the parents. There are seven rules for personal safety that are further explained with stories, colourful illustrations and how to practice them in this book. Little Edison loves this book too.

I read it to him once in a while as a refresher. As I read, I also take the opportunity to explain to him other safety precautions that are not covered by this book, i.e. on the road, in the car park, public areas, at school etc. He knows that I truly care for him, and I hope that he can take good care of himself when I’m not around.


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Sin Yee

The book sure look interesting , I should get it too!


Young toddler are always curious to try new thing.Is good to remind him the dangerous act My gal is the same love to explore my beauty lotion n potion I have to hid them high n away from her sight