Off to the Grass and Sand at East Coast!

The holiday weekend just flew by and before I realized it, it’s already Thursday now. Another weekend is coming soon. No wonder they coined the phrase “time flies”. Do you agree? How did you spend your holiday weekend?

As for me, a good part of it was spent on doing house chores – ironing, washing, cleaning etc. I gave my car a good wash and vacuum cleaning – it is now almost completely sand-free. Let’s hope that the weather will be nice this week and my car will remain clean till this weekend.

The old clothing in the wardrobes has been archived to make space for new clothing. Yay! And I managed to declutter my ironing pile and got to the bottom of my ironing basket. Believe it or not, I found my favourite top at the bottom of my ironing basket!

We brought Little Edison to the grass and sand at the East Coast. The weather was fantastic when we reached there at 5pm. Our boy ran and jumped around in the sand. When he was tired, he sat down and got into castle building action.

I sat on the mat, munched on an apple and watched him play. V was busy taking these pictures.

We enjoyed our outing in a very easy and laid-back manner. It was a day filled with simple pleasures – for all of us.


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