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Gangstar West Coast Hustle – iPhone Game

Little Edison showed me this game on my iPhone yesterday. He has been playing with the free version for quite a while but it has limited function. He is interested to get the full version.

He: Mama, can you download this game for me?

Me: Let me see. (Clicked on the Buy Full Version button, the screen goes to my Apps Store)

He: Yes! Yes! You need to buy from this store. (He sure knows what Apps Store is)

Me: But you need to pay if you want to buy this game. (It shows US$4.99)

He: Mama, can you buy for me? Please…..

Me: Okay. (I punched my iTunes password and the game is downloaded to my iPhone)

He: Thank you! (Jumping in delight)

I can’t remember how many paid games I bought for him, but most of them are below US$10. He loves gangster and war fighting games. I’ve been amazed at how he has learned to navigate the iPhone and to use the control buttons on the screen to play the games. No one taught him how to play, and he figured it out all by himself.

Kids nowadays are so smart and they pick up things very fast too. It’s really remarkable. Do you agree?


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