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Kindergarten Graduation Concert 2011

It was Little Edison’s Kindergarten Graduation Concert last Thursday. We took time-off from work to attend the concert which started at 6pm.

This was the second year that we attended the kindergarten concert. Last year, I didn’t bring my camera after reading a notice from the school that no photography is allowed during the concert. The school has engaged a professional photographer and videographer for the concert.

Parents were advised to purchase the photos and videos from the class teachers after the concert. However, many parents still came with their cameras.

This year, there wasn’t such notice. So, I happily tag my camera along. The school has also informed us that there will be a professional photographer and videographer on that day. So, we can purchase the pictures in CD format and video after the concert.

The concert began with a welcome speech and opening speech from the school principal and management committee. After the prayer, all the graduating K2 students marched into the hall in their graduation gown to receive their graduation certificates from the principal.

My silly husband asked me where our boy is and I told him to wait for another two year – 2013 to be exact – in order to see our boy standing on stage in his graduation gown. By then, I would probably be weeping with pride.

After the certificate presentation, the concert began with delightful performances from the pre-nursery children. The cuteness overloaded as the little children walked up the stage with colourful and fun attires.

Little Edison’s class was the forth to perform. Happiness swelled up in my throat when I saw my little boy walked up the stage in a beautiful blue attire and make-up. He looks fantastic! He performed very well this year – as compared to his debut performance a year ago.

Most importantly, he is happy to be on stage with his friends. All his other classmates have performed very well too. Months of practice and preparation have finally culminated into a heart-warming performance that touched all the audience – each and every one of us.

The principal, teachers and committee members should be proud of themselves for making this graduation concert a success. I’d like to congratulate and thank all of them for all their hard works and efforts.

I managed to record the performance from Little Edison’s class from the projector screen using my camera. It has been uploaded to YouTube, so that I can share it with you.

As I sat in the audience of mums and dads, watching our children performing on stage with all smile and pride, I have this wonderful feeling that being a parent is ultra cool.

After the concert, I quickly went backstage to pick up Little Edison. When I saw him, I opened my arms and scooped him up in a big hug. And I whispered to him, “Boy, you have performed really well. Mama is so proud of you!”

Little Edison in his beautiful blue concert attire

Rewarded with a lollipop for his wonderful performance!


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