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Back in Ipoh

The busy days in December have zoomed right passed me, and I’m now relaxing at my parent’s home in Ipoh. It feels so good being pampered by my parents again!

I took a flight home with Little Edison two days ago. It was my very first time traveling out of the country alone with our boy as V is unable to join us on this trip.

Thankfully, it all went well and we arrived home safely – although the flight was delayed for an hour. Our boy was so sleepy and he dozed off the moment the flight took off.

I’m well-fed and well-rested for the past two days. Sleep 12 hours a day, eat, eat and eat. My mom is making all the nutritious soups for me. And my dad bought me a lot of durians!

I enjoy the quality time with Little Edison and taking a break from work. Most importantly, the purpose of this trip is to see my newly arrived niece, Baby Khloe! She is such an adorable darling!

Will share more pictures when I get back! Blogging from my iPhone now…


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