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Christmas is definitely one of the most wonderful times of the year, especially for children. Coloured lights, sparkling Christmas trees, Christmas cookies and presents can instantly turn a child into a rambunctious bundle of energy.

This is Little Edison, in a spectacularly happy and cheery mode whenever he sees the Christmas decorations in shopping malls and airport. He is fascinated with Christmas tree and he keeps telling me, “Mama, Christmas is coming!”

December is my favourite month of the year. The whole month feels festive and I love the reds and green’s we have everywhere. And I love the year-end sales too!

Dear December, you bring me so many happy memories and things that I look forward to – holiday, Christmas gift shopping, year-end sales, time to catch up with family and friends, AWS etc. Thank you, thank you!

I’m sure most of you, salaried employees out there, are also looking forward to your year-end bonus. Anyone anticipating a big bonus this year? :p

Honestly, I’ll only receive a one-month AWS in December. My company’s performance bonus is paid out in April / May timeframe – we called it profit-sharing. As for my AWS, one quarter of it will be used for paying taxes (sigh), and another quarter of it will go to my car insurance company (sigh again).

The third quarter will go to my savings account and finally, the last quarter for shopping and pampering myself (finally a YES!)

I’m also looking forward to my office shutdown end of this month, and I’ll be bringing Little Edison back to my hometown in Ipoh. I miss my Mom, Dad and siblings too. Little Edison has been telling me that he wants to play with his cousins too.

Have a great December, everyone! 🙂


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I am also gg back to Ipoh during the year end closure
Groupon my n sg selling lost world tambun at a discounted rate
U can go get it !
I never been there myself