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I’ve been buying and using skin care products for the last 15 years. And in these years, I seldom bought the same product twice unless it delivers exceptional and long-lasting results. Like any other skin care product junkie, I’m constantly looking to get my fix of new products.

I scour beauty magazines and blogs regularly for new products. I’ll also make a note of any products that have great reviews. Thankfully, in the world of online shopping, almost every product is available online – and with great discounts.

Last weekend when I was tidying up my dressing table, I found five products that I’ve been using faithfully for at least one year now. That is to say – I’ve done a re-purchase on them. What are they? Let’s take a look.

1. b.liv Quench Me Moisturizer

I must admit that I’m not a fan of moisturizer, mainly because I’ve moderately oily skin. I used to skip moisturizer too, in fear that it will turn my face into a grease factory! But soon, I learnt that if I don’t moisturize my skin, it will produce more oil in an effort to hydrate itself.

b.liv quench me is the most lightweight moisturizer I’ve ever used. It leaves a silky and smooth finish on the skin – without any oily residue. And it keeps my skin moisturized all day!

2. Clarins Pore-Minimizing Serum

Do not expect that pores will vanish instantly with this product. However, it does make them less noticeable. It also controls oil and allow make-up to stay on longer without the need to blot my face especially on long days.

3. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

This award-winning serum is one of the few anti-wrinkle serums that live up to the hype. It goes on easily, aids in the absorption of the moisturizer that follows and makes a noticeable difference in fine lines and wrinkles. The texture of my skin is very much improved with its use. Its price tag may be somewhat daunting, but I don’t mind paying extra for a product that works for me.

4. Kose Mask White

I’ve been using this mask for the longest time now and it’s still the best! It effectively unclogs pores, removes dirt and impurities to reveal a thoroughly clean skin. With regular use, it will dramatically increase skin’s clarity and radiance too.

I use this mask once a week at night. After the mask, I smooth on a generous amount of SK-II facial treatment essence, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair and moisturizer. I wake up with smooth and radiant skin in the morning!

5. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

This essence has been the “heart” of my skincare ritual for the past three years. It moisturizes, rejuvenates and balances the skin. Not to be skipped, no matter how tired I am.

Recently, I started on a new product too. It’s the LAC Taut® Collagen Drink from GNC and I’m quite confident that it will work for me. (Will be back with another review)


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It has been ages since I’ve bothered with a skincare routine. Most days I just rinse my face with water while in the shower! My husband says i’m just lucky. But honestly, I think it shows, and I would consider some of the products you recommended. The face mask in particular sounds really appealing 🙂


Hi, I just bought GNC LAC Taut Collagen Drinks, to help with my acne breakout now and to lighten the marks. I read that you have tried the collagen as well, but I couldn’t find your review, is it something that was really effective on you?