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In less than 24 hours, I’ll be admitted to Gleneagles Hospital for an operation. Yes, I know that this is too sudden.

It started two weeks ago when I discovered a small growth (the size of two red beans combined) in my right nostril. I consulted a GP, and he referred me to an ENT specialist for further examination.

Last week, I made a trip to an ENT specialist clinic at Gleneagles Hospital. The video nasoendoscopy revealed that the growth is a nasal polyps. For a complete diagnosis, I also went for a CT scan on my sinuses.

The CT scan revealed “something” that is quite unusual on my left nostril. The infection actually started on my left nostril and it pushed the nasal polyps to the right. The ENT specialist confirmed that an operation is needed to remove the nasal polyps and infection. He will also take specimens for further examination.

I agreed to go for an operation as soon as possible even though there is a small risk involved. No operation is 100% risk-free; I’ll rather not talk about it here.

I’ll be away for a few days. Will be right back when I get better.


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Sin Yee

take care! god bless and keep us posted ….


Hope ur operation goes well. do keep us updated when you are fit to do so ya. Rest well !

Huey ling

Take care and rest well and pray that everything will go smoothly.
Get well real soon!


Sis, dont worry…. everything will be fine… rest well! We’ll be praying for u…

Take good care of yourself! and see you here again soon!


Hi! My doctor at sunway also advise me fr FESS to remove nasal polyp . V worried . I hv lost my sense of smell . How was the operation ? Painful ?


thanks for sharing your experience. happy to know that your surgery has been a success. I may be going to KL again to seek 2nd opinion with a different doctor whom i feel more comfortable to discuss about my condition.
i enjoy reading your blog , its so nice to document the growing up of your child, I am 43 and mom of 3 teenagers, 18,16 n 13. Glad to know u !!!