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The Worst Week of the Year

I think it’s safe to say that I just had the worst week of the year. And I hope that it’s really over now.

I went for my operation last Wednesday and was discharged the next day. Although the operation was a success, my disease is still not completely cured and the postoperative pain started to kick-in two days after the operation.

This operation is called a functional endoscopic sinus surgery – one of the most common types of surgery for chronic sinus disease. It’s performed using a small endoscope inserted through the nostrils. It’s minimally invasive, which means that it is done without an open incision. So, I can expect a speedy recovery after the operation.

Prior to the operation, I was a bit frightened when I learnt that the most serious risks associated with this surgery are brain damage and blindness, albeit very rare. I tried my best to stop negative thoughts from popping up in my head. Despite his busy work schedule, V went to numerous temples to pray for my safety.

During this low period of my life, V has been extra patient and caring to me. He bought presents to cheer me up. He takes care of all the house chores so that I have ample rest. He waited outside the operating theatre and he assured me countless times that he will not leave until I’m safely pushed out from the OT.

I’m so lucky to have a fantastic hubby like him… and family members who are so concerned about me. Thank you everyone for your well wishes and prayers. I’m feeling much better today and will resume work this Thursday.


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So nice to see new post in your blog and so nice to know u r ok after the operations. Do rest well while you are recoverin and do the follow up with the doctors.

Here, im wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! i will be away till next year.. hope to see more of your posts, stay positive in all situation 🙂


Take care and rest well, bask in the love! U deserve it!


Sorry was late in reading about your surgery … have you fully recovered? I remember mine took really long to fully recover and I went through a really tough period coping with post-op side effects like mucus dripping like a tap, smelly nose etc. Glad all’s over now!


Your recovery is really really fast. Mine took almost a year! I recalled my ENT told me I “broke his patients’ record” cos at my 6th month post-op review, I still had lots of dried tissues inside my nose which cannot be removed surgically … I had to continue with my nasal wash dilligently everyday! Sometimes when I wash and blow out hard enough, there will be HUGE bloodclots-like stuff coming out from my nose … really gross! And the foul smell was horrifying … even I myself can smell it, let alone people around me. It was a really… Read more »


Oh to add, I didn’t just have my nose surgery, but also had my uvula removed. Hence it added to the pain since I can’t breathe normally through my nose after the nose surgery and breathing through my mouth made my throat even drier and more painful. Beside nursing a nose, I needed to endure a super painful “sore throat” too. It was hell and I’m glad it’s over! =)