A Busy Week

Last week has been a super busy one for me, both at work and at home.

Work-wise, January is our financial year-end and quarter-end. Needless to say, we’re all rushing for shipments to meet our revenue target. Chinese New Year is also around the corner. We had to work with our Taiwan, China and Hong Kong subcontractors for overtime manpower support during the CNY holiday.

In addition, it’s THAT time of the year again to submit our performance self-review and objective setting for this year. How much bonus that we’ll get this coming April will depend on how well we write-up our self-review. So, we’ve to think thoroughly and report all our accomplishments – and also start to think of what we want to achieve this year.


I’m glad that I’ve submitted mine last night.

Last weekend, I’ve been doing a fair bit of spring cleaning around the house. It’s that time of the year to declutter again (OK, more on throwing away than declutter!). I’ve five boxes of old clothes that belong to our boy, which I don’t know what to do with them.

Initially, I wanted to throw them away. But when I looked at them again, I recalled the moments of my baby boy wearing these clothes. I even have some pictures of him wearing them. Look at this!

Argh, I simply can’t bear to part with his baby clothes because of their sentimental values. So once again, I decided to keep them. I put them all into vacuum-seal storage bags and moved away the boxes. They really save a lot of storage space for me. His wardrobe looks way neater too.

On the other hand, I threw out quite a number of my old clothes. Some of them are relatively new and in good condition. I passed a huge bag of them to my hubby’s colleague who has just married a Vietnamese wife. I’m glad that he is willing to take these clothes because it’s really a waste to dump them.

I changed all the bed sheets and washed them. Luckily, the weather was great and all the sheets dried up within a day. Now, I’m left with just our store room – which I plan to declutter this Friday after work.

By this Saturday, I’ll be all ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year! Yay!


5 thoughts on “A Busy Week

  1. U can send your unwanted clothes to salvation army. I nvr keep my sons clothings. Once they outgrow, i will pass to my mum to give to those poor families who have babies.

    1. Hi Huey Ling,
      I heard that Salvation Army is very full, and sometimes they will reject the donations too. Not sure if it’s true. But I’m still keeping my son’s clothes due to its sentimental values. Maybe one day I’ll discard them if we happen to shift or something. 🙂

      Btw, did you manage to find a spring cleaning service? I called up two companies, and they are all fully-booked on Saturdays. 🙁 At the end, I do it myself.

  2. I was lucky. Managed to get a slot last sat as one client cant make it. But rather ex. 315 for 9 man hrs. They sent 2 cleaners over so they left after 4.5 hrs. If can obtain thu word of mouth. Only $12 per hr. the aunties dat came to my house for spring cleaning did ask me if there is anyone who needs dem to do the job. But i forget to note down their #. Coz they aso don like to go thru agent. Mayb u can keep edison’s clothes for yr next child. 🙂

    1. I shd have asked them to put me on waiting list – in case of any last minute cancellation, but I forgot. Next year, I must call them early. Haha! Are you satisfied with the cleaning result?

      Oh, it’s highly unlikely for me to try for a second baby. I guess I’m too old for it now, and least motivated to take care of another baby. Very tiring indeed. For the old clothes, I’ve vacuum sealed them. It really saves a lot of space now. You can try to buy those vacuum seal bags, they are quite good.

  3. The cleaners are ok. They know what to do and they will ask u if u wan dem to wipe the interior of cupboards. But need to vacant the stuffs ourselves. 4.5 hrs too short to complete everything. It also depends how much u wan dem to do too. Really don wan 2nd child?? Y r still young la

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