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Childhood: Now and Then

When I was young, I grew up surrounded by siblings, cousins and a large group of neighbor friends. We had a wonderful time growing up together and we were all raised to make our own fun. We didn’t have any of the electronics handheld devices of today and even the TV program was very limited.

We rode bicycles along the dirty road in front of our houses. We played dressed-up using the remnant pieces of clothes from my mom (she was a tailor). We played hide-and-seek in the woods behind our house. We caught spiders, grasshoppers, beetles, dragonflies and even birds just for fun.

Basically, we played using our own imaginations. We didn’t get toys from our parents so often. So, we really treasured them very much whenever we got one. Our parents, on the other hand, worked very hard to make ends meet but they were happy.

The door to our house were opened throughout the day – except only bedtime. But we never once worried about thief, strangers or anything dangerous from the outside. We had free access to each other’s house but we had no complaints.

Today, the environment is completely different. Our boy has a lot of toys and electronics devices to play with, but he lacks playmates. I’m glad that there are two boys (one Indian and one Chinese) who are staying next to my in-law’s house. Occasionally, they come over and ride bicycle with Little Edison.

Even when we stay in a private apartment with security guards, we don’t open our main door all the time. I’m not worried about safety, but I prefer privacy. I dislike strangers looking through our door or listening to our conversation.

Our boy also doesn’t get to meet with his cousins so often. Maybe just once or twice a year due to our distance. Every time when they meet, they have lots of fun.

I’ve a series of pictures here from Year 2008 till now. You can see how much the kids have grown up over the years.

Year 2008 – In Jacob Ballas Children Garden. Little Edison and Jaerone (my nephew) were about one year old. Jaynie (my niece) is one year older than Edison and her brother, Jaerone.

Year 2009 – At my parents’ house in Ipoh. This is my father with the three kids.

Year 2010 – In Cameron Highlands. Little Edison and Jaerone were about 3 years old. Jaynie was 4. And in this picture is my sister, Stevie.

Year 2011 – In Jusco shopping center, Ipoh. Taken just a month ago.

And now, they have one more playmate – that’s my baby niece Khloe, who is about 1.5 months old now. In my next home trip, I’ll probably be seeing Little Khloe snatching toys from her older cousins. 🙂

Jaynie & Khloe, our two princesses in pink and my mom.

They should meet up more often, I know. 🙂


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