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The crying was very bad last week but it gets slightly better now. Not Little Edison, I’m referring to the children at the pre-nursery classes who have just started school last week.

Some of them started bawling the moment their parents leave the classroom. I can’t imagine those who take a school bus. They might be crying all the way from their home. Sigh.

The beginning of school is often very challenging for young children. Some of them may need more time to adjust to new people and environment than others. But with time, they will eventually settle down to the school routine. And they will gradually engage in the classroom activities and start making friends too.

So, don’t be despair if your child is crying at school. I experienced it two years ago when our boy started his pre-nursery. I also shared my 6-point plan on how to tackle separation anxiety in our children. Read it HERE, if you need.

Little Edison started his K1 this year. He was so excited about it, and he kept repeating, “I’m 5 years old now, I’m in K1. Next year, I’ll be 6 years old. I’ll be in K2.” And I said, “Yes, you’re a K1 big boy now!” He is very proud that he’s a big boy now.

This is his third year in the same kindergarten. So, he is very familiar with the classroom. He waltzed straight in, hung up his bag, dropped off his water bottle and walked up to the hall for his morning devotion. He is so excited to see his friends again.

For K1 and K2 children, the school offers a range of enrichment classes to enhance learning through creative activities. These classes are held once a week (one hour per lesson) after school hours. I signed-up two classes for Little Edison – the Chinese Integrated Program and IT Starter for Preschoolers.

Our choice of Primary School for Little Edison is a SAP school with strong emphasis on bilingualism. Thus, I signed-up the extra Chinese class for him so that he can have a good start in Chinese Language.

The IT Starter class, on the other hand, is to familiarize him with the use of computer and internet. It also equips him with the essential ICT skills, improve creativity and build-up his confidence through group projects.

I hope that he will enjoy these extra lessons this year.


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