Kumon Workbooks

I ordered a set of Kumon Workbooks from the BP before the Chinese New Year. After numerous delays from the courier Ta-Q-Bin, I finally received the books last weekend.

I don’t intend to enroll our boy to any Kumon Learning Centers at the moment. Thus, these workbooks are best to be used as home-learning materials. And at the same time, we can evaluate Kumon’s style of learning and decide whether it’s suitable for us.

I haven’t had a complete review of the books yet, but my first impression of them is that they have excellent paper quality and colorful graphics.

We started the first book on Easy Telling Time this week. Little Edison loves it so much; and I can see that he enjoyed the activities in the book.

I shall write about these books again when I have time. By the way, are you using these books too? I love to hear your feedback about them.


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