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My Angry Birds Collection

I’m so angry today, all because of these colourful wingless birds. And they are called Angry Birds. That is why!

Angry Birds Plush Toys Collection

Okay, I’m just kidding.

I just collected my green and yellow Angry Birds plush toys from the Changi Airport last weekend. I was placed under reservation list as the plush toys were out of stock when I made redemption two months ago.

24 – 26 Feb 2012 is the final collection dates for the reserved Angry Birds plush toys. The airport has also announced that there will be no further extension of collection period. Thus, customers flocked the collection counters to get their long-awaited Angry Birds plush toys.

I happily joined the queue to collect my Yellow and Green Angry Birds (two pieces for each color). As soon as I’ve collected them, a middle-aged man approached me and he wanted to exchange the Green Angry Bird with me. He offered me his Blue Angry Bird, and since I don’t have a Blue, I agreed to exchange with him.

Another lady has been observing us when we were doing our “business”. She walked over and offered us her White Angry Bird. She is looking for a Red, and I told her that I have an extra Red at home. I saw a little burst of delight on her face when I agreed to exchange it with her. So, we exchanged our contact numbers and met up the next day to exchange our birds. Funny, isn’t it?

Well, that’s not the end of the story yet. Half an hour later, another lady approached me to exchange for my Yellow Angry Bird. She saw that I have two pieces in a plastic bag hooked on Little Edison’s stroller. However, this time round, I was reluctant to exchange because I already have all the colors to complete my collection. Yay!

I like the Yellow one too, so I’d like to keep both of them. I rejected her request but she kept persuading me to exchange with her. When I gave her a firm NO the second time, she walked away with a sour face. Then, I saw her searching every nook and cranny of the airport for the Yellow Angry Bird. She was so determined.

The Husband asked me what I’m going to do with these plush toys. I have eight of them, but I don’t have a good answer for him yet. I love to collect plush toys, especially when they come in a collection or limited editions.

Are you collecting these Angry Birds plush toys from Changi Airport too? 🙂


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Oh you should see Desiree’s Angry Birds’ collection … not from Changi Airport though … all bought by her pampering mummy and grandpa! =)

I like red bird most … she likes yellow bird most and Jordan, blue bird! =)


i enjoyed reading this post, its so funny to ‘see’ how people get excited over angry birds!


I only got 3 plush, the yellow, the blue and the pig
Do anyone know where to buy the exact same quality for this angry birds?
Since the shop I know got the plush with the voice
(i dont really like plush with the voice)