Unveil the Surprise!

This draft post has been saved in my blog since almost a month ago. I meant to complete and post it during the Chinese New Year but I was so tied-up. Time slips away like sand, and we’re now into the mid of February. Hope that I can complete this post tonight.

First of all, does the title “Unveil the Surprise” ring a bell to you? Some of you might have heard it before. It’s from Reebonz – a members-only shopping site where genuine clothing, lingerie, bags, wallets, shoes, watches, and accessories from luxury labels such as Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Givenchy, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Hansel, and more are sold at amazing discounts.

I registered as a member few months ago, and I constantly receive e-mail updates on their sales and events. However, every time I log-in to their website, the items that I’m keen to buy are always sold-out. Gradually, I learnt that I must react fast on the first day the event starts (usually at 12noon) in order to catch the good deals.

On Friday 20-Jan-12, the sales event of this particular brand started. So, I rushed to my desk after lunch and log-in to Reebonz website immediately.

I wanted this bag for a very long time, and I was extremely delighted to find it at Reebonz. Without hesitation, I dished out my credit card, punched in the numbers and submitted my order.

Much to my surprise, the bag was delivered to me by courier the very next day. I was completely speechless – can’t believe how amazingly fast and efficient Reebonz is.

It came in a beautiful black box with a gold ribbon on it.

The Husband quipped, “Wow! Another Prada!” He still remembers that my Prada bag from US came in the same black box!

And I quickly replied, “No, this one is just one third of a Prada – not expensive one”. That is to prevent him from nagging!

Here are some pictures to share:

The black box with a gold ribbon and sealed with plastic

Our boy was excited, he can’t wait to open the box for me!

Black inner wrapper with “Reebonz” label

First clue revealed – it’s a Burberry dust bag!

I love the signature checks!

Tadaa! This is the bag! Came with red packets because of CNY…

This is a Burberry Small Nova Check Tote Bag, a bag that I’ve admired for a long time. Truth is, I always have a soft spot for Burberry signature checks. This is my second bag; V bought me the first one during our honeymoon in Japan.

I’m so in love with this bag now. It’s $120 cheaper than retail price (15% discount). Good deal? I think so. Will definitely shop at Reebonz again!


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i wanted to ask you about this site reebonz on branded bags.. but keep forgetting and tada.. u have posted on this.. GREAT ! safe to buy hor..authentic hor…now delivery is free !! is it cheaper than the hawaii one for prada ? i checked like more x ??


now first time buyer got $50 discount hee


Hi Emily, i am slient reader of your blog. Thanks for writing such wonderful, informative posts. Very useful for mothers like us. Today i wanted to say a big thank you to you for writing about REEBONZ. i have been looking everywhere to get a good handbag here in SG. I am not crazy behind branded bags though i have a couple of such bags. Now all i wanted was a practical bag which is not way too expensive as most of the time i carry a lot of stuff when i travel with my dd and something durable too.… Read more »


Hi Emily, yes I received the bag but it was too big than what I expected it to be.I called them and asked for exchange, they readily agreed and sent the courier agent home the very next day to pick it up from my home. Since I couldn’t find any other bag within my budget I asked them to refund my money back. They said they will give it to me as points but i was not very much ok with that plan as I don’t know when I will be able to fulfill the purchase. Since it was my… Read more »


Hi! i chanced upon your blog. will like to check, does the bag come with authentic cards? cause i didnt see any inside my bag.. i bought burberry bag from reebonz just recently!