What My Five-Year-Old is Learning? (Part 2)

Continued from the last post

I feel the pressure because there are so many things for him to learn, and there is so little time for me to teach him. Learn to write, spell, count, doing additions and subtractions, read the Peter & Jane books, read the Basic Chinese 500 books, read assorted story books, learn the phonics, learn to tell time, learn to draw, and the list goes on.

Seriously, being a full-time working mother and without a helper, I have limited time to do all these activities with him. I also do not want to force him to do tons of worksheets and writings every night, because I feel that it’s important to spend quality family time together.

During the last parent-teacher meeting, his teacher shared with me that one of his classmates has to complete ten worksheets at home every day (on her mother’s request). I told her that we didn’t do that much, maybe just half of that amount.

Too much of writings turn him off. So, we spend about 20 minutes doing worksheets and the rest of the time will be on reading and other activities.

So, I made this time-table for him and I’m pushing myself to complete all six lessons with him every week. Of course he deserves one rest day every week – that is why this time-table only contains six days. Our rest day will usually be Friday because we dine out and return home late.

I think this time-table is well-balanced now. Did I miss out anything? We spend about 30 to 40 mins daily – that’s about 10 mins for each subject / activity.

While I was searching for educational materials for Kindergarten, I stumbled upon this wonderful website by IXL Learning. It has a list of skills for students in Kindergarten! The skills are organized into categories, and you can move your mouse over any skill name to see a sample question on the website.

You can also get your child to practice from your computer. Just click on any link, IXL will track their scores, and the questions will increase in difficulty as they improve!

Good try!


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hi , do you mean each day is 30-40mins or you mean each session is 30-40 mins and hence with 4 sessions, that will about 2-3 hours daily ?

wow, still looks like quite a lot to cover. I only make sure I read at least 1 or 2 Chinese stories and 1 or 2 English stories each day. Some days if I remember, we do some math. Usually ends up being 1 page per week. haha.

🙂 for a moment i thought you meant to do from say 8pm-10.30pm. gulp…

Shawn has started to read quite well these days (he could independently read Dr Seuss green eggs and ham, cat in a hat , type of books by himself), all thanks to Peter&Jane series (which we only do 10mins a day, no kidding). i’m not a fan of worksheets so ain’t any in my house.


wow…ur timetable already so packed. I can only read 1 or 2 books on good day but on most days, i am only home after kids are asleep.
like you, being a working mom with no help, really stressfull.
great inspiration.
may i know whether do you get peter and jane?

yes, i remember the early days when we started out on Peter&Jane. it was a trying 2weeks before we could cross the big hurdle of him wanting to do it (at his own initiative). it was building a routine and we kept it short so that he knows once he’s done, he can have his time.

may i introduce you to this blog, which inspires me and my hb tremendously.