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Finally, I Watched a Great Movie!

Yes, that’s right! This has been miserably missing in my life for the past five years. And finally, I watched a great movie this weekend. “I Don’t Know How She Does It” is a sweet comedy about a working mom Kate Reddy (Sarah Jessica Parker), who is trying desperately to juggle it all – her demanding career, raising her two young children and maintaining a healthy marriage.

Kate Reddy is a fund manager for a Boston investment company. She recently landed a big account that requires her to travel frequently, but not without the protest from her family, especially her two children. When she has to spend more time away from her family, her relationships with her kids and husband (Greg Kinnear) suffer even more. Kate’s life begins to get away from her and even with success just on the horizon, she realizes she needs to make decisions to get her life back into balance.

During much of the movie, Kate is like a rat in a maze, hyper stimulated by constantly buzzing cellphones as she dashes back and forth between Boston and New York to pitch a deal related to retirement funds. She has to work doubly hard as her single colleagues are all ready to pounce on her weaknesses.

The story reveals a portion of the female workforce that rarely gets exposure in the modern media – the married mother who balances a demanding career with the responsibilities of raising a family and being available for the spouse.

Personally, I feel that it’s quite a norm that working mothers are perceived as less capable in the working world, especially when they have to attend to family emergencies, sick children, difficulties to travel within short notice, etc.

In this aspect, I’m really blessed to have an understanding boss and that I’m not made to feel guilty when I need to take time-off to attend to family matters. That’s what keeping me here for the past 8.5 years and I’m still looking forward to celebrate my 10th anniversary with this company.

In this movie, we also see Kate’s daughter being upset that her mommy is not always there. I’m not sure how you working moms out there deal with this issue. I’m glad that I don’t need to travel much. Otherwise, I’m very sure that Little Edison will be terribly upset with me.

The ending of this movie is very touching when Kate rediscovers what is dear to her. She ran to her daughter’s school when it starts to snow as she promised her that she will make snowman for her. It’s not the typical happy ending that most viewers will expect where Kate quits her job and everybody lives happily ever after.

When it comes to juggling, as Kate confides, the secret is not how you catch, but how you throw.

In fact, she loves her job so much that she is absolutely unapologetic about it. She promised her husband that she wants to make things work for the family and to be a better wife and mom. I’m sure many of us working mothers can understand exactly how she feels. Not a bitter ending though.

I love this movie, it moved me at times and it made me laugh. I’m sure you’ll also love the smart ladies in this movie too. Very entertaining, and I highly recommend it. Check out the movie’s official website HERE.


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I’ve not seen the movie, but I’ve read the book years ago. It was given to me by a friend who thought that I was working too much and wanted to send me a message 😉

I watched this movie on the plane just on Friday/Saturday. It’s shortened a little and has a slightly kinder storyline than the book. Less agony.

as much as it’s important to have an understanding boss, i think having a husband that is willing to step up as the mom for the children, is what truly helps for working mothers who need to travel. Guilt is the toughest and Shawn cries for me whenever i am away. we lose some (ie., family time during biz travels), but we gain a lot more when being apart. it teaches everyone to treasure the moments we have together and that joy of “re-uniting” after every business trip makes us close knit , aware that we WANT to be with… Read more »

I enjoyed the movie and can so identify with it. Thankfully, my bosses don’t view me as being less capable than my single colleagues or colleague with no kids. But it sure if tough being a working mom these days.