Edison’s First Phonics Class at Jan & Elly

Jan & Elly
Jan & Elly at Greenwich V Shopping Mall

Little Edison attended his first Phonics class at Jan & Elly last weekend, and it turned out very well. He enjoyed his lessons a lot.

He has two lessons per week this term. The first lesson is the bridging 1-to-1 for him to catch up with the lessons that he missed in Term 1 (its Term 2 now). Then, there will be a 20 minutes’ break before he continues with his second lesson, where he will join other students for his regular lesson in Term 2.

There are some simple homeworks for him to do, that is to review the letter sounds that he has learnt and complete the unfinished worksheets, if any.

Worksheets from his Phonics class

When I asked him about his class, his reply was, “Yes, I like my English class. I like Teacher Sean.” I’m so glad to hear that.


10 thoughts on “Edison’s First Phonics Class at Jan & Elly

  1. Hi, today i went to jan n elly, but I would like to hear from you before I commit with them.
    If you don’t mind, hows the progress of your son? He is in which class? Thanks.

    1. Hi Pauline,
      My boy has just completed his 2nd term today. His first term was on the Beginner class, where he learnt all the 26 letter sounds. This term, he started the Intermediate class where he learns the simple blending techniques. So far, his progress has been good and he is able to read many words without my assistance. Most importantly, he enjoys his Saturday Phonics class at Jan & Elly. He is with Teacher Ian on Saturday class.

  2. Hi,

    Im thinking of sneding my girl 4 and 5 years old for such classes too.
    Am thinking of Jan and Elly as well. I would like to get more reviews on it.
    Is you son currently still there?


    1. Hi Lily,
      My son has been taking the course since a year ago, and he has been promoted from Phonics Beginners to Intermediate. He really enjoys his lesson, and his reading skills have also improved a lot. I’ll let him continue with this course as I think it’s really good for him and I’m seeing good progress.

  3. Hi

    I’m wondering if you can share with me the fees structure for Jan & Elly. I was considering Zoophonics for my 3.5 yr old boy but your review on Jan & Elly caught my attention. I’m wondering if I should send my boy for assessment at both places, before I finally decide.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Lydia,
      Sorry for my late reply. The fees for J&E is $320/term. You can consider sending your boy for a trial class and judge from there.

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