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He is almost FIVE!

Edison - 4.5 years old

I seldom write about Little Edison’s milestones these days because it’s not easy to capture the essence of his development now. It’s more mental and emotional rather than physical. Since my last update was almost a year ago, I shall try to do it today.

Anyway, this blog is supposed to document his childhood and milestones. I must remind myself not to neglect it. It’s very comforting to read these posts again in the near future, and bring back all these fond memories of him.

At the age of 4.5, he has sufficient maturity to work out how to operate something without getting too frustrated if it doesn’t work at first try. For instance, he learns how to use the TV remote control to switch channels, adjust the volume etc. He builds tower with his Lego bricks, and if it falls, he will try to build it again. His confidence improves every time he finds a solution to his problem.

Edison - 4.5 years old

School-wise, he is doing fine. I would say that he is an average student – not particularly ahead or behind of others. One key thing is that I always encourage him to be confident to speak up and ask questions, even though I observed that he tends to be shy with his teachers.

In general, he is able to use language more creatively and purposefully now. He also tries to apply the rules of grammar himself, though he doesn’t always do this correctly. Every day I have a good chat with him, and I truly enjoy talking to him.

Sometimes, I also find that his humor shows through and he makes me burst out laughing with his jokes. Just last night, he suddenly muttered “Mama, I tell you a secret! I heard ghosts!” and he came running and hid behind my back. Obviously, he doesn’t know what ghosts are, but his actions and gestures are simply too hilarious.

Edison - 4.5 years old

One thing that is unique about him is that he loves looking through photo albums and talk about the pictures, particularly events that he can remember. There is a picture of him taken when he was just born in the delivery ward, and he loves to see this picture.

When I try to explain to him on how he “came out of my tummy”, he will probe further questions like how he got out and what he was doing “in my tummy”. Yes, he is funny as that.

But one thing that rather annoys me is that he enjoys repetitive reading. He wants me to read a book to him over and over again. Most of the time, I’ll read it to him even though it’s dreadfully boring to me, but to him, it’s fascinating. I guess he just loves the familiarity of the story that is comforting to him.

So, apart from reading familiar stories to him, I gradually introduce new ones to him. At this point, he still doesn’t like reading alone because most of the books are still too complex for him to read unaided. Hopefully, he will develop his reading skills soon from his Phonics class at Jan & Elly.

Edison - 4.5 years old

My little boy is almost 5 years old now. Tell me, where has time flown?


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