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Project 365: Little Edison & The Dog

My Newly Started Project 365

I was inspired by Karen from Story of Bing to start my own Project 365. Karen is certainly one of my favorite bloggers. She has awesome photography skills and she does not hesitate to share them on her blog.

Project 365 is basically a-photo-a-day project that is aimed to improve photography skills. There are other variations of this project, i.e. 50-day project, 100-day project or 300-day project; you name it and its there on the internet.

I was on a one-week trial last week, and all I can say is that it’s not as easy as it seems. It requires SERIOUS time commitment to take at least one picture a day. By saying this, it does not mean forcing myself to simply click a button.

My intention is to make a conscious effort each day to take a great picture (although I know that it’s not possible to be perfect all the times). I want to practice it every day and improve my own photography skills.

The result from my one-week trial was not satisfactory. I only managed to shoot three pictures and post one on my blog. I’ve to work a little harder in this photography department. And maybe I should just post once a week by consolidating all seven pictures in one post.

Well, my Project 365 will be a collection of interesting things that I see every day, as well as random funny stuffs about Little Edison.



One afternoon, I brought Little Edison to the playground. It was a beautiful windy afternoon, no rain and no sun. The boy ran around happily, climbing up and down the slides. I was looking for a bench to sit, and I saw this extremely cute dog.

A clean and tiny dog. Just like the ones that rich women have in the movies. I sat next to him, he licked my fingers when I tried to touch him and I giggled. The owner was no-where to be seen.

Little Edison loves the dog so much. He squat down and started “talking” to him. The dog was so gentle, he didn’t bark at all. I thought he was funny, so I took this picture of him.

Project 365: My Daily Photo Journal. Shot using my iPhone Instagram.


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good luck, you must be very persistent and patient to grab one shot for each day 🙂

I think it is possible to do this especially with your phone, with Instagram. It takes consistent effort to spot interesting things that appeal to u on a daily basis, and then to take the additional effort to snap the picture.

I did not give myself a challenge to take a photo a day, instead, I am enjoying this instagram app so much, that I average 2 photos a day on the app 🙂