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Project 365: On the Top of My Car’s Dashboard

My Car's Dashboard

On the top of my car’s dashboard, there are three dog plush toys. Due to their light weight, they tend to drop if I accelerate too fast from a stationary position.

Little Edison usually sit on the front passenger seat on his booster seat. He gets rather annoyed every time the dogs drop on him.

Then, he will say, “Mama, I told you not to drive too fast. Drive slowly.”

Some of the drawbacks of being an only child at home are apparent in his behavior, such as, he talks like an adult and he can be quite bossy at times. He wants his favorite music in the car, he complains when the sun is glaring or the air-con is not cool enough, he nags when I drive too fast, etc.

Project 365: My Daily Photo Journal. Shot using my iPhone Camera.


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