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Stuck in a Traffic Jam

What is the best thing to do when you’re stuck in a traffic jam?

That is to sleep, of course – when you’re not the driver!


This is Little Edison – catching up on his sleep when we were stuck in a massive traffic jam this morning. He is so sweet; I couldn’t resist to snap a picture of him using my iPhone.

I lowered his back rest, so that he can sleep comfortably in this rainy cold morning. He is smart enough to bring along his “smelly pillow” too.

Our journey from home to school, which usually takes 15 minutes, turned out to be a dreaded 1 hour 15 mins today. By the time we reached school, it was 9am and we were exactly one hour late!

The good thing is – he is fresh as a daisy after the sleep. He walked to his classroom happily as he waved goodbye to me.


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